Referendum 71

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'Everything But Marriage' Law for Gays Passes in Wash.

Referendum 71 expands benefits for same-sex couples

(Newser) - A measure expanding benefits for same-sex couples, dubbed the “everything but marriage” law, has passed in Washington state, the first time such an equality measure has been approved at the state level by voters. Referendum 71 currently has about 52% of the votes, and a margin of 60,000,... More »

Stop Lefty Thugs Bullying Gay Marriage Opponents

Supreme Court must step in to keep chill off participation

(Newser) - A movement in Washington state to force the disclosure of the names of those who supported a referendum on same-sex marriage has George Will up in arms over “thuggish liberalism” and its chilling effect on political participation. Signing one’s name in support of such a measure is akin... More »

2 Stories