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New Hobby Has Travelers Ending Up in Remote Places

It involves finding the spots where at least 3 states meet

(Newser) - There's an unusual travel hobby that has people visiting the woods of Thompson, Connecticut, and other remote spots across the country. They're looking for spots where at least three states (or Canadian provinces) meet, such as the Connecticut-Rhode Island-Massachusetts point. Brian Butler of Holliston, Massachusetts, has created a... More »

10 Celebrities and Their Sometimes Weird Hobbies

David Arquette really likes ... to knit?

(Newser) - How to unwind after a tough day of attending awards ceremonies and movie premieres? Well, if you're Tom Cruise, by fencing. That's the sport Tom enjoys along with Will Smith and David Beckham, the Huffington Post notes in its list of 10 celebrity leisure activities:
  • David Arquette: The
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The Strangest Celeb Hobbies

Bieber rocks a Rubik's Cube; Depp plays with Barbies

(Newser) - Here’s a surprise: Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute and a half (watch him do it in the gallery). That’s just one of 13 bizarre celebrity hobbies rounded up by the Frisky .
  • Johnny Depp is a big fan of playing with
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Aquaponics Gaining Converts Among Gardeners

System of fish and fertilizer is catching on

(Newser) - Aquaponics—the word is a blend of hydroponics and aquaculture, the cultivation of fish—is backyard agriculture using only fish droppings as fertilizer. And it's not for everyone, at least yet. One man’s greenhouse “wouldn’t look out of place on a wayward space station where pioneers have... More »

For Owners, Horse Racing a Sure Bet (to Lose)

The ponies are a labor of love with small stakes, high costs

(Newser) - Thoroughbred racehorses aren’t cheap to buy—and then you have to house them, feed them, pay the vet, the trainer, the jockey, etc. And if you actually intend to make money, they have to win. And even then, since most horses never make the elite high-stakes races, owners have... More »

5 Stories