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First-Time Flier Confuses Toilet Door, Emergency Exit

Good thing the flight was still on the ground in Chongqing

(Newser) - You'd think bright red lettering would be enough for a passenger to distinguish a plane's emergency exit from a bathroom door—not to mention the window offering a clear view outside. Yet a first-time air traveler in China says she mistook a cabin door for the entrance to... More »

South Korea Indicts Uber CEO

Travis Kalanick's charges could result in 2-year jail sentence

(Newser) - Uber's legal troubles continue, and this time, the CEO himself is in hot water, Engadget reports. South Korea has indicted Travis Kalanick for allegedly running an illegal taxi service, Yonhap reports, and his charge could lead to a two-year jail sentence or an $18,000 fine. Along with the... More »

'China's Most Dangerous Man' Shot Dead

Police tracked him down using bogus manhunt

(Newser) - Police in China managed to track down one of the country's most-wanted killers with the help of a huge manhunt in the wrong place. Zhou Kehua, who is believed to have killed at least nine people in a string of robberies going back to 2004, was gunned down in... More »

NYT: Bo Wiretapped Communist Party Chiefs

Eavesdropping expanded to include party bigwigs

(Newser) - Another twist in the scandal shaking China : Bo Xilai was ousted as Chongqing party chief not just for his link to the murder of a British businessman, but for eavesdropping on a scale that would shame British tabloids, reports the New York Times , citing Communist Party insiders. The wiretapping program... More »

China's Bo Scandal Erupted at US Consulate

Consulate shielded Wang Lijun from pro-Bo cops, but refused him amnesty

(Newser) - The biggest political scandal to hit China in a generation started with a visit to a US consulate that sparked a frantic State Department debate, the New York Times finds. When Chongqing chief Bo Xilai's deputy Wang Jilun fled to the US consulate in nearby Chengdu, he was refused... More »

China's Bo Tried Blocking Wife's Murder Probe: Report

That's why he fired police chief Wang Lijun, says Reuters

(Newser) - Soap operas have nothing on the unfolding saga of ousted Chongqing boss Bo Xilai . The latest revelation in the saga: Bo's downfall was triggered when his police chief, Wang Lijun, came to him with evidence that his wife had murdered British lover Neil Heywood. Bo originally agreed to let... More »

China Honcho Ordered Brit's Murder Via Cyanide

Flood of new details suggests Communist Party encouraging reports

(Newser) - The British businessman who died mysteriously in China last November was actually poisoned with cyanide at the orders of disgraced politico Bo Xilai, reports the Daily Mail . Neil Heywood was killed because he was having an affair with Bo's wife, Gu Kailai, and because he helped her sneak $1.... More »

China Detains Official's Wife as Murder Suspect

Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai, arrested in death of Neil Heywood

(Newser) - The plot thickens in the downfall of a former top official in China: Bo Xilai's wife has been detained as a suspect in the death of a British executive. China has now suspended Bo from its leadership, dropping him from the Central Committee and Politburo; last month, he was... More »

Was Brit Exec Killed for Links to Booted China Boss?

UK embassy asks Chinese for investigation into mysterious death

(Newser) - The Chinese blogosphere has been buzzing ever since rising political star Bo Xilai was suddenly ousted from his important post in Chongqing . But now his downfall is being connected to the mysterious death last year of a British executive stationed in China, reports Bloomberg . Neil Heywood allegedly died of drinking... More »

China Cracks Down on Maoists

Leftist revival halted after top party official fired

(Newser) - The Chinese Communist Party is cracking down on people who are a little too enthusiastic about the man who led it to power in 1949. The firing of Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai , who led a Maoist revival, has been followed by a purge of websites promoting Mao Zedong-era songs... More »

China Plans Massive Surveillance Network

Cisco, other Western companies are poised to help

(Newser) - China is preparing a surveillance network with an area bigger than New York City—and Cisco is among the Western companies set to help. China says the system of up to 500,000 cameras is aimed at preventing crime, but human rights advocates fear it could be used to stamp... More »

Triad Trial Exposes Chinese Corruption

Tycoons, party officials snared in Chongqing crackdown

(Newser) - A mass trial of Chinese gangsters in Chongqing has exposed a vast network of corruption amid the mega-city's police and Communist Party officials. Thousands of suspects, including dozens of high-ranking officials and top businessmen, have been arrested in an effort to crack down on the city's triads. Six have already... More »

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