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Uruguay Prez: It's Time to Stop Wearing Suits

He rants against formal attire at regional conference

(Newser) - War! Imperialism! Racism! Formal attire! One after another, the leaders of Latin America denounced the ills of the world at a regional summit in Cuba yesterday. It fell to famously casual Jose Mujica, the Uruguayan president, to tackle a subtler evil plaguing humankind: the business suit. "We have to... More »

How to Dress Like a Mad Man

Opt for trimmer suits, skip the Borsalino

(Newser) - Want to look like Don Draper without being a dufus? Have no fear. New men's suits are sporting some of the same designs worn by the golden boys of the fictional ad agency on TV's hysterically popular Mad Men. "Men's suit styles have dramatically changed, and the styling of... More »

2 Stories