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Eyes Turn to Difficult-to-Predict Hurricane Jose

One model gives it a 25% chance of hitting US next week

(Newser) - Those already battered by one or two hurricanes don't want to hear that misfortune comes in threes. Following in the wake of Harvey and Irma late Monday, Hurricane Jose was a Category 1 storm near the southeast tip of the Bahamas, centered about 400 miles north-northeast of Turks and... More »

The Atlantic Just Got Its 1st Jan. Hurricane Since 1938

Hurricane Alex could hit the Azores on Friday

(Newser) - For just the fourth time since we began tracking storms 165 years ago, the Atlantic Ocean is experiencing a January hurricane. Hurricane Alex, brewing about 500 miles south of the Azores, became the first named storm of 2016 as well as the first January hurricane formed in the Atlantic since... More »

Tropical Storm Kills 3 in Caribbean, Moves North

Cristobal could become hurricane later this week

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Cristobal doused the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands with heavy rainfall yesterday as it moved slowly on a northern track in the Caribbean. One man was drowned when he tried to drive his pickup truck across a rushing river in the Dominican Republic and two other... More »

Now a Hurricane, Arthur Heads for the Carolinas

Forget those 4th of July barbecues, NC gov says

(Newser) - Arthur strengthened to a hurricane early today, threatening to give North Carolina a glancing blow on Independence Day, prompting the governor to warn vacationers along the coast not to risk their safety by trying to salvage their picnics and barbecues. "Don't put your stupid hat on," warned... More »

Sandy 2nd-Costliest Hurricane in US History

It caused $50B in damage, second only to Katrina

(Newser) - The National Hurricane Center says Superstorm Sandy was the deadliest hurricane to hit the northeastern US in 40 years and the second-costliest in the nation's history. The center released a report today that attributes 72 deaths in the US directly to Sandy, from Maryland to New Hampshire. That's... More »

Tropical Storm Alberto Forms Off Carolinas

Year's first storm forms before start of hurricane season

(Newser) - With 12 days left before the official start of hurricane season, Tropical Storm Alberto has formed about 95 miles off the coast of South Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. Thus far, Alberto isn't expected to make landfall, but he's got his own tropical storm warning and... More »

Katia Swells to Category 2

Storm churning northwest in the Atlantic

(Newser) - The National Hurricane Center says that Katia has "rapidly" intensified into a Category 2 hurricane. Hurricane specialist Robbie Berg said earlier today that Katia has cycled on and off between tropical storm and hurricane status while moving across the open Atlantic. But as of 11am today, Katia had sustained... More »

Hurricane Earl Hits Category 4

Path could brush East Coast later this week

(Newser) - Hurricane Earl battered tiny islands across the northeastern Caribbean with heavy rain and roof-ripping winds today, rapidly intensifying into a major Category 4 storm on a path projected to menace the United States. Already dangerous with sustained winds of 135mph, Earl is expected to gain strength before potentially brushing the... More »

Chicago Seeks Aid After Deluge

Windy City hit with wet double whammy

(Newser) - Chicago officials seeking clean-up funds have asked the state to declare a disaster after the city was hit by a deluge of weekend rains which flooded streets and stranded families, reports CNN. More than six inches of rain fell Saturday—the most in 137 years in  a single day. That... More »

Ike Spikes to Cat 4, Deadly Hanna Churns Toward US

Now Josephine's waiting in the wings

(Newser) - Two major storms are churning across the Atlantic, with their chances of striking the US still unclear. Hurricane Ike has rapidly strengthened to a raging Category 4, while Tropical Storm Hanna is now battering the Bahamas after killing 26 in Haiti. Hanna could hit the US  Saturday anywhere between Georgia... More »

'Ghost Town' New Orleans Steels for Gustav

3 die in biggest evacuation in Louisiana history

(Newser) - The last bus out of New Orleans drove off at 3pm yesterday, leaving behind a virtual ghost town, reports the Houston Chronicle. An estimated 10,000 residents are left in the hurricane-threatened city, now subject to a strict dusk-to-dawn curfew. Some 1.9 million Louisianans have fled Hurricane Gustav—the... More »

Gustav Slams Jamaica as Gulf Coast Braces

Tropical storm could be category 3 hurricane by tomorrow

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Gustav pummeled Jamaica today with 65mph winds and may build to a category 3 storm by the time it reaches Cuba tomorrow, CNN reports. The storm killed some 51 in Haiti and eight in the Dominican Republic yesterday. Officials in the National Hurricane Center’s “cone of... More »

Hurricane Gustav to Hit Haiti

Expected to make landfall later today

(Newser) - Hurricane Gustav is expected to make landfall in Haiti later today, Bloomberg reports, buffeting a country already hard hit by Tropical Storm Fay earlier this month. Gustav was upgraded from a tropical storm earlier this morning, after strengthening over the Caribbean. The National Hurricane Center said that preparations should “... More »

Hurricane-Proof Your Vacation

A little preparation can save big bucks

(Newser) - The government’s storm-watching body upped this year’s hurricane forecast to include 14 to 18 named storms, which could spell trouble for travelers. Forbes offers tips to stem potential financial losses and prevent your Caribbean vacation from going south.
  • Know your risks: The National Hurricane Center offers a month-by-month
... More »

Tamed Edouard Hits Texas Coast

Storm loses steam as it heads inland

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Edouard hit the Texas Gulf coast east of Galveston today with strong winds and heavy rain, but did little more than soak the travelers who came to relax on the tourist town's beaches. Surfers were spotted riding the waves as the storm swept in. The National Hurricane Center... More »

Noel Grazes Mass., Hits Canada

43,000 New Englanders lose power in winds up to 70 mph

(Newser) - New England was only hit with the remnants of Hurricane Noel, but that was enough to cut power for about 43,000 people, with winds howling up to 70 mph. Massachusetts felt the brunt of the storm, with Cape Cod and coastal communities suffering most of the outages. The storm... More »

Tropical Storm Noel Kills 20

After slamming Haiti and Dominican Republic, heads for Cuba, Bahamas

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Noel slammed into the Dominican Republic today with torrential rain and mudslides, leaving 20 people dead and another 20 missing. Noel was expected to drop as much as 20 inches of rain on Hispaniola, the island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, before heading northwest toward the... More »

Twin Tropical Depressions Form

Systems could grow into tropical storms

(Newser) - Twin tropical depressions sprouted today in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, the Miami Herald reports, and both could become tropical storms by day’s end. Forecasters expect the Gulf system to spiral toward Texas and Louisiana, bringing 10 to 15 inches of rain to the already soggy states.... More »

Hurricane Chief Leaves Eye of the Storm

Center director ousted only 6 months into controversial stint

(Newser) - National Hurricane Center director Bill Proenza is out as of today, the Miami Herald reports, less than a week after half his staff demanded his resignation. The head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the "disruption" caused by the controversial leader "threatens the center's ability to... More »

Storm Blasts Hurricane Center

Staff demands director's ouster

(Newser) - A near-mutiny has erupted at the National Hurricane Center, where nearly half the staff has demanded the resignation of the center's director, Bill Proenza. The Miami Herald reports that seven forecasters and 16 other employees—including Proenza's own administrative assistant—signed a statement calling for his ouster. More »

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