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Tale of USB Stick in Seal Poop Gets Weirder

Owner is found, describes 'weirdest set of coincidences'

(Newser) - "This is probably the weirdest set of coincidences in my life—ever," says the owner of a USB stick found in a lump of frozen seal poop . Here's how it unfolds: In December 2017, sea lion volunteer Amanda Nally found an ailing sea lion on a beach... More »

Find a Random USB? Don't Plug It In

'Harmful' drives found in mailboxes in Australia

(Newser) - If you happen to find a USB drive in your mailbox, don't insert it into your computer. That's the message from Australian police who say unmarked USB sticks "believed to be extremely harmful" have turned up in mailboxes in a suburb of Melbourne. When plugged in, the... More »

Weapons of Kim Jong Un's Destruction? Old USB Drives

Groups hope to smuggle 2K into N. Korea every month, laden with movies, TV

(Newser) - Got any old flash drives gathering dust in a drawer? There's a growing movement to get them into the hands of ordinary North Koreans, loaded with Western movies and shows in the hopes of offering a more realistic look at the outside world Pyongyang paints as utterly bleak. Andy... More »

Russia Gave Out Great G20 Swag, Er, Malware: Reports

USB sticks, cables in gift bags were spy tools, say 2 papers

(Newser) - Amid the uproar over NSA spying come reports that Russia gave G20 delegates at last month's summit an unexpected surprise in their gift bag: malware. That's according to two Italian newspapers, which report that among the swag handed out to guests were USB sticks and cellphone recharging cables... More »

Google: Let's Get Rid of Passwords

Googlers experiment with new forms of security

(Newser) - Want to log into Gmail by tapping a ring on your computer? So do Google executives who consider passwords a weak form of security, Wired reports. Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay say that so far, the company is trying out USB sticks that log... More »

Teen Burglar Leaves Homework at Crime Scene

Police arrest 18-year-old in connection with break-in

(Newser) - Pro tip for the world's burglars: Try to avoid leaving incriminating evidence, like fingerprints, DNA, or a backpack containing your schoolwork at the scene. Utah police responding to a burglary this weekend found a backpack left behind in the targeted home's backyard, the AP reports. Inside was a... More »

Apple Debuts Intel Port Designed to Kill USB

Thunderbolt is super-fast and should eliminate wire clutter

(Newser) - Apple quietly announced a refresh in its MacBook Pros this week, but the little-heralded machines might bring a big change with them. The computers will be the first to have a Thunderbolt port and protocol, a data system so blazingly fast it might just finally resign USB to the dustbin... More »

Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud

Storage device makes it easy to access your hard drive remotely

(Newser) - The Pogoplug device seems like the perfect solution for people who want to access and share their files over the Internet but are wary of storing their personal data "in the cloud," writes Katherine Boehret. The $129 device allows users to access hard drives or other devices connected... More »

Beatles Break Free of CDs

Pricey USB drive holds band's remastered studio albums

(Newser) - Beatles songs still aren't available on iTunes, but you can get them on an apple—a USB drive shaped like an apple, that is. EMI is charging a mere $279.99 for all of the band’s remastered studio albums, previously available only on CD, and a slew of video,... More »

9 Stories