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Pa. Dem Chris Carney Rejects GOP Overtures

Despite McCain call, he'll remain with Dems

(Newser) - Despite a Republican full-court press that included a call from Sen. John McCain, Pennsylvania Rep. Chris Carney won’t jump ship from the Democratic Party, he tells Roll Call . The GOP has gotten “nibbles” from Carney, a source told Politico earlier, leading to the call from McCain, a fellow... More »

Blue Dogs Top Dems' Most Valuable List

But others, like turncoat Parker Griffith, can feel free to take a hike

(Newser) - How worthless for Democrats was turncoat Rep. Parker Griffiths? To find out, Nate Silver created a formula for determining the Democrats’ MVP for the year in the House. Choosing 10 key votes, he counted how often each rep votes with the party, then adjusted the tally based on how conservative... More »

Blue Dog Says House Leaders Drove Him to GOP

Griffith has consistently voted against his party

(Newser) - Former Democrat Parker Griffith today blamed the Democratic leadership for his defection to the GOP, slamming congressional leaders for pursuing legislation "that is bad for our country and hurts our economy." Griffith, an Alabama doctor, singled out health care reform as a large part of his decision, deriding... More »

Blue Dog Rep. Griffith Switches Parties

Alabama Rep. will become a Republican

(Newser) - After less than a year in the House, Blue Dog Democrat Parker Griffith is hopping across the aisle to join the GOP. The Alabama congressman will make the announcement this afternoon, an Alabama Republican Party source tells the Hill . He will cite health care legislation as his main reason, says... More »

4 Stories