The Wanda Sykes Show

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Glee Grabs GLAAD Award

Sykes accepts honor from prom-banned lesbian

(Newser) - In real life, lesbian teens are banned from high school proms. But in the gay-friendly world of TV's Glee, male partners will be very "popular prom kings." That's the word from creator Ryan Murphy, who provided a sneak peak into the lives of Glee's exuburant singing high schoolers... More »

Wanda Sykes Covers 'Pants on the Ground'

'Boobs Out Ya Blouse' the latest rendition of viral video hit

(Newser) - Courtesy of Wanda Sykes, women everywhere finally have a version of “Pants on the Ground” they can call their own. Salon points to a video of the comedian, as “General Maama Gram,” auditioning for American Idol with her own original song: “Boobs Out Ya Blouse.”... More »

Leno? Conan? Bah! Bring Back Arsenio

(Newser) - Jay Leno failed at 10pm, but one host could make that time slot work: Arsenio Hall. For one thing, prime time needs some color. Minorities have made some inroads on the late-night schedule, from BET’s Mo’Nique Show to Fox’s Wanda Sykes Show, “but let’s be... More »

Wanda Sykes Show: Working Hard, Hardly Working

Clichés drag down late-night debut

(Newser) - Viewers expecting something fresh and new out of The Wanda Sykes Show—as the unlikely combination of Fox and an African-American lesbian might seem to promise—were sorely disappointed, writes Ken Tucker . The comedian and actor "is terrific: at ease and bawdy," he writes for Entertainment Weekly. But... More »

4 Stories