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Quidditch Takes a Cutthroat Turn

Players are battling for the soul of the sport

(Newser) - Harry Potter's favorite game of Quidditch is continuing to sweep US college campuses with techniques and rules making matches more competitive. The real-life game that began at Middlebury has "grown up," and now involves deadly serious faceoffs, new brooms (that don't make players fly), and a 60-team World... More »

Quidditch Scores Big on College Campuses

Inability to fly on broomsticks doesn't stop undergrads

(Newser) - Heads up, NCAA: Quidditch has cast its spell on America's campuses. Technically known as Muggle Quidditch—due to the lack of actual flying brooms—the game looks like "a mixture between ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball," one player tells the Chicago Sun-Times . And if it sounds like a fringe... More »

2 Stories