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Got Lazy Friends? Take a Look in the Mirror

Personality traits thought to be fixed may actually be 'contagious'

(Newser) - Some geneticists suggest that who we are is not a question of nature versus nurture, but that genes and our environment work together to influence the people we become. New research out of France furthers this notion in its finding that even the personality traits we consider to be our... More »

Aggressive? Your Walk Gives It Away

'Personality is indeed manifest in the way we walk'

(Newser) - The word swagger doesn't just describe the biomechanics of a person's gait. Its very definition is often linked to confidence and aggression, suggesting that one's mood or even personality can be revealed in how they walk. Now, research in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior suggests that certain... More »

How Scientists Know What Music You Like

Cognitive style is a major predictor of musical taste

(Newser) - Are you an empathizer, preferring to focus on the emotions of those around you, or a systemizer, interested in the patterns and rules of the world? How you answer that question predicts what style of music you like, report University of Cambridge psychologists in the journal PLoS ONE . In fact,... More »

Personalities Most Stable in Our 40s, 50s

But stability starts declining again after that

(Newser) - There's no doubt about it: The human body goes through major changes in youth and old age. And these biological and social changes may be the reasons behind what researchers are calling less stable personalities at those life stages. In fact, according to a study of almost 4,000... More »

Character Trait Makes for a Mean Drunk

Drunks who focus on the moment likely to get meaner

(Newser) - Ah, Christmas: good cheer, festive dinners, and people who drink enough to say what they really think of you. Clearly some personality types should hold off on that third drink. Scientists recently studied the subject and found that people who focus on the here and now—rather than on repercussions—... More »

We Can Determine Personality by Smell

Our ability to judge personality is nothing to sniff at

(Newser) - You are what you reek? It turns out that we can tell a lot about someone's personality just by their smell, according to the New York Daily News . Sixty people in Poland wore the same T-shirt for three nights, and did not use soap, smoke, drink, or "eat... More »

What Your Sneeze Says About You

Researcher links sneeze type to personality

(Newser) - Whether you sneeze loudly or softly, quickly or repeatedly, your nose may say a lot about you, a body-language expert has found. Backed by Benadryl execs, she asked some 500 people about their personalities and how they sneezed, and recognized four types, the St. Petersburg Times reports:
  • The “get-appreciated:
... More »

Best Leaders Tap the 'Dark Side'

Study finds that flawed personalities make for better leaders

(Newser) - Positive personality traits like being outgoing and decisive are often touted as the right stuff for leaders, but being a jerk helps, too, according to a new study. Researchers followed 900 officer cadets at West Point over a 3-year period and found that so-called "dark side" personality traits like... More »

Informal Pics Capture Real You: Study

'Spontaneous' photos reveal personality better than posed shots

(Newser) - The way you pose for photos telegraphs your personality and can even change the way other people interpret it. Photo subjects were rated on 10 personality traits through self-description and interviews with friends, and researchers then let study participants loose. Though self-esteem and extraversion come across easily, traits like likeability... More »

9 Stories