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Study: Women Let Handsome Men Off Easier

Homely men who misbehave aren't given as much slack: study

(Newser) - Males wooing women can get away with acting a little creepy if they're good-looking, but the homely ones are out of luck, suggests a new study out of Eastern Kentucky University. To gauge their perceptions of men, researchers showed 170 female college students two male faces with similar features—... More »

Sleep Apnea Treatment Could Improve Your Looks: Study

Some study participants even thought wrinkles diminshed

(Newser) - Beauty sleep may not be just an expression anymore: New research suggests sleep apnea patients look better after at-home treatments for their disorder. Newsy reports: More »

Tilting Head Boosts Your Attractiveness

Women should try to look shorter, men taller

(Newser) - How attractive you look might have a lot to do with how you tilt your head. According to a new study, women appear more comely if they tilt their faces forward so that they have to look slightly upward, while men earn higher marks if they lean their heads back... More »

Informal Pics Capture Real You: Study

'Spontaneous' photos reveal personality better than posed shots

(Newser) - The way you pose for photos telegraphs your personality and can even change the way other people interpret it. Photo subjects were rated on 10 personality traits through self-description and interviews with friends, and researchers then let study participants loose. Though self-esteem and extraversion come across easily, traits like likeability... More »

4 Stories