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US Team Has Soccer Rarity: College Grads

Rest of the world skips straight to the pros

(Newser) - The United States may not have the best team at the World Cup, but it definitely has the best educated, because American players actually go to college, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the rest of the world, promising stars get pro jobs so fast it would make LeBron James’... More »

'I'm Like, That Is Not Me:' Dirty Soccer Player

Elizabeth Lambert confused, remorseful about hair-pulling episode

(Newser) - Elizabeth Lambert is confused, remorseful, and a little defensive about some much-publicized bad behavior on the soccer field that got her suspended from the University of New Mexico team. “There were times in the game where I was literally like, ‘All right, Elizabeth, you’ve got to get... More »

Women's Soccer Player Gets Down and Very Dirty

New Mexico's Elizabeth Lambert is a YouTube sensation—the bad kind

(Newser) - Today's red-hot viral video star is more of an antihero: University of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert. Lambert has been suspended indefinitely after capping off a physical—on both sides—game by grabbing a Brigham Young player by the hair and slinging her to the ground. "I let... More »

3 Stories