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Jon Gosselin's 'Blessing' Involves Stripping

'Being a part of something is a blessing,' he says of new gig

(Newser) - "Being a part of something is a blessing," former reality TV star Jon Gosselin tells Entertainment Tonight . The "something" he's referring to is a group of people, but not the one he originally became famous for. The 39-year-old confirms that he'll be stripping in Atlantic... More »

Jon and Kate May Return to TV—Together

Gosselin saga takes weird, speculative turn

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin wouldn't say no to returning to TV with ex-wife Kate and their eight kids "under the right circumstances," his lawyer tells TMZ . Jon & Kate Plus 8 2.0 may be a tough sell, however, given that he and TLC have sued each other , and he's... More »

Jon: Kids Were Marketed to 'Pedophiles'

Gosselin phone call with Michael Lohan reveals more gems

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin’s popularity is sure to skyrocket now that Radar has released a recording of him talking about the pedophiles who love his kids. In a phone call with—who else?—Michael Lohan, the octodad gripes about deals he believes TLC made with two magazines that only lined its... More »

Jon Gosselin Sues TLC for $5M

Gosselin will fight breach of contract suit with one of his own

(Newser) - How is an unemployed single dad with eight mouths to feed, a lot of partying to do, and an Ed Hardy habit to support supposed to pay the bills? Jon Gosselin has one idea: Countersue TLC for $5 million. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 network is already suing him... More »

4 Stories