Thanksgiving dinner

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Cops: Man Stabbed for Eating Holiday Meal Early

Authorities say assailant was his hungover girlfriend

(Newser) - On the plus side, a 47-year-old woman in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., really wanted to share Thanksgiving dinner with her boyfriend. Which is why Jacklyn Blake became enraged after waking from a nap to discover that he had started the meal without her, say police. Blake allegedly stabbed him in the chest... More »

LA to Protesters: No Need to Pay Bail, Go Eat Dinner

Those arrested in Ferguson protests get a reprieve

(Newser) - "We have every legal right to keep them until they post bail," says a Los Angeles police commander—but the city won't. People who are currently in jail after being arrested in Los Angeles while protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision are being released in time for... More »

What the Obamas Are Eating Today: A Whole Lot of Pie

Six kinds, plus turkey

(Newser) - Mac and Cheese may have escaped the oven thanks to the president, but some other fowl won't be so lucky. CBS News shares the holiday menu released by the White House; the Obamas plan to dine with family and friends. Mac and cheese of the pasta variety will... More »

How Did Turkeys Double in Size?

No, they didn't just get hungry

(Newser) - In the 1930s, the average Thanksgiving turkey weighed 13.2 pounds. Today, the average bird weighs in at more than twice that amount: a whopping 29.8 pounds. No, they didn't just get hungry. As Mother Jones reports, American poultry farms began breeding the birds for size and speed... More »

Most Terrible Place to Have Thanksgiving? Ohio

Based on odds of political arguments, binge drinking, and more

(Newser) - We're all aware of the many potential pitfalls of Thanksgiving: the political arguments, the drunk-uncle factor, the football losses. Now, the real-estate blog Estately has figured out, based on the confluence of such factors, just which states have the highest risk for terrible turkey dinners. The site looked at... More »

Your Turkey Is Probably From Minnesota

State has way more turkeys than people

(Newser) - Minnesota has about 5.5 million people—and has produced about 45 million turkeys this year. In fact, almost one in five of the country's turkeys comes from the state, Vocativ reports. The total number of turkeys forecast to be raised in the US this year, according to the... More »

Man Barred from Thanksgiving Pulls Machete on Family: Cops

Knife, baseball bats allegedly found in his van

(Newser) - Authorities say a northern New Jersey man used a machete to threaten a family who excluded him and his son from their Thanksgiving Day celebrations. New Milford police tell that 48-year-old Joseph Hoo, of Upper Montclair, was charged with weapons offenses and making terroristic threats. More »

So Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

And more on Thanksgiving food

(Newser) - The pilgrims may not have eaten any turkey at the "First Thanksgiving" in 1621—no mention of turkey is specifically mentioned in Edward Winslow's account of the feast, but he does mention that a lot of venison was eaten, and they probably ate fish and shellfish as well—... More »

It's Not Really the Turkey That Makes You Tired

It's the mountains of carbs you have with it

(Newser) - Contrary to what you learned while watching Seinfeld , the turkey you're about to eat today is not the true reason why you're bound to crave a nap after dinner. Where the myth stems from: It's true that the amino acid tryptophan is found in turkey, and when... More »

5 Things to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

How your turkey was prepared, for one

(Newser) - As you go around the table and express what you're thankful for this year, the regular suspects—your family, good health, the Red Sox's World Series win—will likely make the list. Here are 5 Thanksgiving-specific things to be thankful for that you may not have thought of:... More »

Dinner Costs a Little Less This Thanksgiving

Turkey and all the trimmings runs $49.04, 44 cents less than last year

(Newser) - Thanksgiving dinner will cost you a little less this year—44 cents less to be exact—according to a 34-state survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation, picked up by Business Insider . A 10-person feast with turkey and all the trimmings—including stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, veggies, cranberries, and pumpkin... More »

The Election Is Ruining Thanksgiving

Political conversations among relatives can be icky

(Newser) - The AP confirms what many may already be thinking: Thanksgiving is going to stink this year. After such a heated election, many part-Democrat, part-Republican families will likely be passing the green bean casserole ... and passing angry political barbs back and forth. As proof, the AP takes an in-advance peek at... More »

Thanksgiving Day: Really 4,500 Calories?

One reporter puts it to the test

(Newser) - So, you've heard that Americans typically wolf down more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day? That's what the Calorie Control Council says, but Tara Parker-Pope at the New York Times was skeptical. So she cooked up a highly indulgent Thanksgiving meal, including 6 ounces of turkey with... More »

Pat Robertson: Is Mac & Cheese 'a Black Thing'?

'700 Club' host sticks foot in mouth again

(Newser) - Pat Robertson and his always wacky quotes are back. On the 700 Club Wednesday, after watching a segment in which co-host Kristi Watts discussed Thanksgiving foods such as mac and cheese with Condoleezza Rice, Robertson was simply baffled. Turning to Watts, he asked, “What is this mac and cheese,... More »

Gabrielle Giffords Serves Thanksgiving Meal to Troops

Congresswoman visits Air Force base in Tucson

(Newser) - Rep. Gabrielle Giffords helped serve a Thanksgiving meal to service members and retirees at a military base in her hometown of Tucson. Giffords arrived in the dining hall at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base at midday wearing a ball cap and an apron with her nickname of "Gabby" sewn on... More »

Save Your Heart: Walk Before the Big Meal

Exercise 12 hours before eating lessens spike in dangerous fats

(Newser) - The best time to walk off a gut-busting Thanksgiving dinner is at least 12 hours before you eat it, researchers say. Studies have found that light exercise, like a half-hour walk, done 12 to 16 hours before a big meal significantly reduces the post-meal spike in a type of fat... More »

PETA Serves 'Baby' for Thanksgiving Dinner

Calm down, it's just a doll

(Newser) - Thanksgiving might just be PETA’s least favorite holiday , and to air their disapproval this year, activists served “baby” for Thanksgiving dinner at displays in Philadelphia and Baltimore. They set up a Thanksgiving spread on a sidewalk, the group’s media coordinator explains to the Los Angeles Times , except... More »

Inside the World's Priciest Thanksgiving Dinner

Plates used by a king, and a 19-pound turducken

(Newser) - Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 10 this year will set you back about $49.20 , a tab that's 13% more expensive than that of 2010. But when it comes to truly expensive holiday meals, that one pales in comparison to the one dreamed up by . Travers Korch looks... More »

Thanksgiving Dinner: Now 13% More Expensive!

Hosting 10? Get ready to pay $49.20

(Newser) - This Thanksgiving, stuffing yourself requires you empty your wallet a little bit more. The tab for feeding turkey and all the fixings to a group of 10 has surged 13% to $49.20, the American Farm Bureau Federation finds. Last year, it was $43.37. The AFBF included everything from... More »

Thanks for Nothing: Pecan Prices Up 22%

Blame China, droughts for soaring cost of Thanksgiving staple

(Newser) - For those who can't face Thanksgiving without pecan pie, you're going to pay dearly for the privilege this year: the price tag on the tasty dessert is up by 22%, reports CNN . Sure, core inflation is a low 2% , but food prices are on the rise, and pecans... More »

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