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Walmart Experiments With Mobile Checkout System

People scan items via smartphone, pay at self-service kiosk

(Newser) - Eight-track tapes, dial-up modems, and ... checkout lines? Walmart is working on turning the latter into another remnant of the past with a mobile phone-based scan-and-pay system, reports the Wall Street Journal . Called "Scan and Go," the new system would allow shoppers to scan their own purchases with their... More »

Case of Line-Cutting Sparks Racial Firestorm

Young black woman faces 15 years in dust-up at Wal-Mart

(Newser) - Trial is set to begin in a case of Wal-Mart line-cutting that has turned into a racially charged media circus. Heather Ellis was arrested almost three years ago after an incident that began when she switched checkout lines at a Missouri store—to join her cousin in a faster queue,... More »

2 Stories