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Cops: Conspiracy Theorists With 'Arsenal' Arrested

Men allegedly planned to free souls by attacking research facility

(Newser) - Some men want to save our souls through religion. Two Georgia men arrested last week allegedly wanted to save them by shooting up an Alaska research facility that has been at the center of multiple conspiracy theories. Det. Michael Vickers tells the Alaska Dispatch News the men—30-year-old Michael Mancil... More »

Famous JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theorist Dies at 89

Mark Lane questioned the Warren Commission and coined 'grassy knoll'

(Newser) - Mark Lane, "one of the most important experts on the Kennedy assassination," died Tuesday at his his home in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the age of 89, the New York Times reports. Lane came to national prominence with his best-selling 1966 book Rush to Judgment, which questioned the findings... More »

Sandy Hook Truther Sues University That Fired Him

James Tracy says his constitutional rights were violated

(Newser) - The Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist who was fired from his professorship at Florida Atlantic University in January is suing the university. For years, James Tracy has been claiming on his personal blog that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a hoax staged to increase support for gun control, and... More »

What It's Like to Cruise With Conspiracy Theorists

It's a floating gathering of people with alternative views on ... everything

(Newser) - Laura Eisenhower won't be casting a vote for Hillary Clinton come November. The former secretary of state is, she says, "definitely not human." And that's no insult: Chances are, Eisenhower truly believes Clinton is an extraterrestrial. The great-granddaughter of former President Dwight Eisenhower was among a... More »

Prof Who Says Sandy Hook Was a Hoax Getting Fired

Parents of victim say he harassed them

(Newser) - A Florida Atlantic University professor has been making waves for years with his conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook massacre, and now the school is taking action. James Tracy has been claiming on his blog since 2013 that the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting was staged, and FAU has reprimanded... More »

Scientists Figure Out What Type of Person Believes BS

This may be the first study of 'pseudo-profound bullshit'

(Newser) - This has to rank among the best opening statements ever in a study abstract : "Although bullshit is common in everyday life and has attracted attention from philosophers, its reception (critical or ingenuous) has not, to our knowledge, been subject to empirical investigation." And so researchers at the University... More »

Sandy Hook Truthers Hijack Book Reviews of Victim's Mom

Amazon becomes forum for conspiracy theorists

(Newser) - The mother of one of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary has written a book about healing and recovery. Problem? A group known as the Sandy Hook truthers are using the Amazon reviews to trash author Scarlett Lewis—and to push their belief that the shooting was a hoax... More »

Feds: 3 Stockpiled Weapons, Fearing Martial Law in US

They were also working on explosives, say authorities

(Newser) - Three North Carolina men fearing a government takeover and martial law stockpiled weapons, ammunition, and tactical gear while attempting to rig home-made explosives, according to charges announced by the Justice Department. The men from Gaston County, near Charlotte, were arrested by federal authorities on Saturday after more than a month'... More »

Tsarnaevs Swayed by Brain-Damaged Conspiracy Buff?

Suspects befriended Donald Larking, who gave them far-right reading

(Newser) - Did a brain-damaged American help turn the Boston bombing suspects against the US? The far-right and conspiracy theorist publications found in Tamerlan Tsarnaev's apartment appear to have been supplied by an elderly man befriended by the brothers through their mother's job as a home health aide, the Wall ... More »

New Conspiracy Theorists: Snowden Truthers

Is he a triple agent, a pawn, a plant ... or hiding secrets about UFOs?

(Newser) - Edward Snowden: hero or traitor ... or part of a government conspiracy? As with every major political event these days, there is a group of Americans who see something more sinister behind the NSA whistleblower, and Salon rounds up some theories:
  • One of the most prominent is author, activist, and former
... More »

Tucson Shootings Gov't Hoax: Conspiracy Theorists

Victims approached, alarmed by reps from one website site proclaiming just that

(Newser) - The conspiracy theories about the Gabrielle Giffords shooting have started to crop up—and one website in particular has been alarming survivors and others connected to the tragedy. The site, run by a Texas man, claims the Tucson shootings were actually a hoax staged by the government using actors. Two... More »

Here Come the Wacky Conspiracy Theories

Frozen, alive, or zombie-fied?

(Newser) - The fish had barely begun to nibble on Osama bin Laden before wild conspiracy theories about his demise—or lack of—began to circulate. The US government is considering releasing photos and video of the dead al-Qaeda kingpin, but in the meantime, conspiracy theorists are having a field day:
  • Radio
... More »

Alex Jones: Glenn Beck Is Ripping Me Off!

Conspiracy-loving host thinks Beck is, well, a conspiracy

(Newser) - Ever notice a distinct similarity between the conspiracy-laden rants of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones? Well Jones has, too, and naturally, he thinks it’s a conspiracy. In an interview with New York magazine , spotted by the Atlantic , Jones says Beck ripped him off—and is up to no good.... More »

How the Wackos Think

Five kinds of political thinking that don't lead anywhere sane

(Newser) - Our political discourse hasn’t exactly seemed logical or intellectually sound lately, has it? Michael Weiss, writing for Reason Online , sees five lines of bad political thinking poisoning the water. They are:
  • Tragic Manicheanism: These see everything the government or society does as evil, everyone who opposes it as good.
... More »

'Still a Lot to Learn' on 9/11: GOP Rep.

Will pal Glenn Beck now call for Jason Chaffetz's head?

(Newser) - We don’t know the real truth behind the 9/11 attacks, Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz said at a town-hall meeting yesterday. Asked by a group that believes “it was a false flag terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition,” the Republican said, “there’... More »

ADL: Beck Is Top Hate Monger

He's offering 'platform to extremists,' report charges

(Newser) - Right-wing Fox mouth Glenn Beck is the most toxic media hate monger operating in the US today, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League. "Beck has made a habit of demonizing President Obama and promoting conspiracy theories about his administration," the r eport states. He "has... More »

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