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Navy Ship, Sub Collide Off Fla. Coast

USS Montpelier hit by Navy cruiser as it was ascending

(Newser) - A nuclear-powered submarine belonging to the US Navy chose the wrong moment to stick its head up yesterday: The USS Montpelier was apparently ascending to periscope depth in waters off the coast of Jacksonville, reports the Navy Times , when it collided with the USS San Jacinto, an Aegis class Navy... More »

Navy: Worker Set $400M Sub Fire to Get Out of Work

Casey James Fury admits to setting 2 fires

(Newser) - That fire on the USS Miami that caused $400 million in damage in May? Turns out it may not have been caused by a vacuum after all. Navy investigators say civilian laborer Casey James Fury actually set the fire ... because he wanted to leave work early. Fury now faces two... More »

Iran: We're Building a Nuclear Sub

Project can be used to justify nuclear enrichment

(Newser) - Iran says it has begun building a nuclear submarine—a move which conveniently gives it an excuse to enrich uranium to above weapons grade. An Iranian rear admiral announced the project in Iran's state-run Fars News Agency yesterday, and went out of his way to remind reporters that powering... More »

$2B Attack Subs Cheapened by Chintzy Coating

It peels away underwater, leaving nuclear submarines not-so-stealthy

(Newser) - Cost-cutting by the Navy and two defense contractors has led to a serious problem for the elite Virginia-class nuclear submarine, reports the Daily Press of Newport News, Va. A hull treatment designed to increase the subs' stealth tends to peel away underwater—and the lack of protective coating makes the... More »

'Complacency' Faulted in US Nuke Sub Crash

'Weak' command, lax standards prevailed aboard USS Hartford

(Newser) - US Navy investigators are pinning blame for the March collision between a nuclear-powered submarine and another Navy ship on lax atmosphere and “weak” command aboard the USS Hartford, where sailors slept while they were supposed to be on watch, and the radio room was rigged up with music speakers.... More »

5 Stories