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Is James Franco Just Messing With Us?

Or is the hyper-focused actor-slash-everything for real?

(Newser) - “Can James Franco possibly be for real?” That's the question that consumes Sam Anderson’s extensive New York profile on the actor who is no longer just an actor: He’s enrolled in four graduate programs and planning to start a PhD program at Yale before he's even done... More »

James Franco: Soap Role Is Performance Art

Guest stint on General Hospital will go down in art history

(Newser) - Finally, James Franco explains to us what in the world he’s doing guest starring on General Hospital: Performance art. In a look at the genre with which he is “obsessed,” Franco writes about its history—and his newfound spot in said history—for the Wall Street Journal... More »

Best Soap Opera Cameos

James Franco follows in the footsteps of Rosanne, Snoop Dog

(Newser) - James Franco’s much-hyped General Hospital guest stint began Friday, but can he live up to the true classics of the celebrity cameo genre? Many other luminaries have guested on daytime TV, and “they almost always shake things up like a schizophrenic with a fake pregnancy interrupting a wedding... More »

General Hospital More Sopranos Than Soap Opera

James Franco's guest stint highlights shows thuggery

(Newser) - Sure, it’s weird that James Franco is guest starring on General Hospital—but what’s weirder is that the soap is one of the small screen’s most violent creations, even by daytime television’s dubious standards. It stopped being a show about a hospital long ago, writes Willa... More »

4 Stories