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Teen Fired Shot at Queen. NZ Reportedly Hushed It Up

Police open probe following claims of a 1981 cover-up

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth II's record 65-year reign would've come to an end almost four decades ago if a teenager's plot had gone off without a hitch. Documents from New Zealand's intelligence agency, obtained by Reuters , confirm for the first time that 17-year-old Christopher Lewis tried to assassinate... More »

NJ Trooper Accused of Covering Up Creative Dating Method

Marquice Prather allegedly pulled women over to try to get them to go out with him

(Newser) - Lots of people fall in love at work, but one New Jersey state trooper seemingly took this life goal to the extreme and is now paying the price for it. reports that Marquice Prather, 37, was arrested Friday on records tampering charges and suspended without pay after authorities... More »

Pentagon Finds $125B in Internal Waste, Kills Report

DOD official was warned when requesting study: 'You are about to turn on the light in a very dark room'

(Newser) - The good news: A Pentagon-requested study on administrative waste turned up plenty of fodder for officials to work with in streamlining operations. The bad news: The study found so much internal waste—$125 billion worth—that Pentagon officials seemingly tried to squash it, based on interviews and secret memos seen... More »

Millions May Still Be Out There From '70s Murder

FBI agent investigating heiress's murder may have lifted cash: reporter

(Newser) - During the last few months of her life, Marjorie Jackson became wary of keeping her inherited fortune in the bank, so she withdrew $8.6 million and stashed it in garbage bags, drawers, and toolboxes all over her Indianapolis home, the Indianapolis Star reports. And she may have had even... More »

Whistleblower: VA Covered Up 7 Deaths

Scheduler steps forward in CNN interview

(Newser) - The woman who actually managed the Phoenix VA hospital's secret waiting list has come forward alleging that the facility has covered up the deaths of veterans who died awaiting care. In an interview with CNN , Pauline DeWenter says that in at least seven cases, someone else at the hospital... More »

Best Buy Ousts Founder for Sex Scandal Coverup

Richard Schulze didn't alert audit board about Brian Dunn's infidelity

(Newser) - The man who founded Best Buy announced his resignation today, after an investigation found that Richard Schulze had known about ex-CEO Brian Dunn's affair with a female employee, but hadn't alerted the audit committee, the AP reports. Best Buy had until now kept mum about reports of Dunn'... More »

China's Bo Tried Blocking Wife's Murder Probe: Report

That's why he fired police chief Wang Lijun, says Reuters

(Newser) - Soap operas have nothing on the unfolding saga of ousted Chongqing boss Bo Xilai . The latest revelation in the saga: Bo's downfall was triggered when his police chief, Wang Lijun, came to him with evidence that his wife had murdered British lover Neil Heywood. Bo originally agreed to let... More »

Ex Olympus Execs Arrested Over Cover-Up

Ex-chairman, others implicated in $1.5B loss dating to '90s

(Newser) - Japanese prosecutors today arrested three former Olympus executives, including the company's ex-chairman, over their alleged roles in orchestrating a cover-up of massive losses at the camera and medical equipment maker. Former chair Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, along with executives Hideo Yamada and Hisashi Mori, were arrested on charges of violating securities... More »

BP: Halliburton Torched Evidence in Gulf Oil Spill

And computer modeling data 'inexplicably missing'

(Newser) - Halliburton has both intentionally destroyed and conveniently lost evidence relating to the Deepwater Horizon disaster , according to court documents filed by BP. “Halliburton has steadfastly refused to provide these critical testing and modeling results in discovery,” BP’s court filing says, according to CNN . “BP has now... More »

New Orleans Paper: Rogue Photographer Betrayed Us

Alex Brandon never told them about cop killings he saw

(Newser) - Journalists at the New Orleans Times-Picayune are still reeling from the revelation that one of their own, photographer Alex Brandon, never told them about the police misconduct he witnessed following Hurricane Katrina, the LA Times reports. Brandon embedded with police following the hurricane, and witnessed the shooting of Henry Glover... More »

Berlusconi a Suspect in Teen Prostitute Case

Could face 15 years in prison

(Newser) - Police are officially investigating Silvio Berlusconi over allegations that he paid a 17-year-old girl for sex, and have asked him to come in for questioning, prosecutors in Milan announced today. He’s also accused of attempting to use his position as prime minister to pressure police to sweep the matter... More »

US Military Officers: UFOs Deactivated Nukes

Ex-Air Force captain giving press conference today

(Newser) - Extraterrestrials do exist … and they apparently are not fans of our missiles, according to a few former US Air Force officers. Capt. Robert Salas and some of his colleagues will give a press conference in Washington, DC, today to testify that UFOs have appeared at numerous nuclear weapons sites—... More »

Vietnam Vet Receives Medal of Honor Posthumously

Bravery in Laos was a secret for decades

(Newser) - President Obama awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor today for an act of bravery the military had covered up for decades. Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger was killed while helping three wounded comrades onto an evacuation helicopter during an attack on a US outpost in Laos. But for years, the... More »

People Flee Moscow as Death Rate Doubles

Some believe government covering up smoke's effects

(Newser) - People are leaving Moscow in droves, as smoke from surrounding wildfires chokes the city. The daily mortality rate has almost doubled from 360 or so to "around 700," the city’s top health official said yesterday, though he blamed the punishing heat wave, rather than the smoke. He... More »

Priest Calls for Pope to Resign, Applauded at Mass

Mass. Rev. James Scahill says Benedict lied, gets standing ovations

(Newser) - One Massachusetts priest says Pope Benedict is lying when he says the Vatican hasn’t covered up the sexual abuse of children. In four sermons over the weekend, Rev. James Scahill called on Benedict to resign over the scandal, the Longmeadow Republican reports. “There were standing ovations at two... More »

US Officer Says We're Sorry With Sheep

Special Ops commander asks family of 5 dead for forgiveness

(Newser) - The most senior special operations commander in the American military begged a grieving Afghan father for forgiveness—by taking him two sheep. The man lost two sons, two daughters and a grandchild in a botched special forces operation in February. The peace offering seems to have worked: "We were... More »

Pope Hasn't Begun to Apologize for Irish Abuse

Now do you understand why she ripped up that picture in 1992?

(Newser) - “Almost 18 years ago, I tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on an episode of Saturday Night Live,” Sinead O’Connor writes. She explains that she wasn't anti-religion but had a deep problem with how the church treated Irish Catholics. Then, “people did not... More »

Childhood Pal Arranged, Covered Up Tiger's Trysts

Byron Bell is also president of one of Woods' companies

(Newser) - A childhood friend who’s now the president of one of Tiger Woods’ companies helped arrange the golfer’s Australian rendezvous with one of his alleged mistresses, with Byron Bell buying plane tickets and booking hotels in his name to keep the affair secret. Sources tell TMZ Bell flew to... More »

Cancer May Have Killed FDR

Possible deception in 1944 election raises lots of what-if questions

(Newser) - Speculating about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s real cause of death has been a popular sport for years, and now two authors have a provocative theory: brain cancer. The shifting opinions are well documented: FDR’s own doctor, who at first likened the deadly brain hemorrhage to a “bolt of... More »

Ex-NBA Star Cops Plea in 2002 Shooting

Jayson Williams averts retrial, expected to serve 18 months

(Newser) - Former New Jersey Net Jayson Williams has agreed to a plea bargain in the 2002 shooting death of a limo driver and the subsequent attempt to cover up his involvement. Under the deal, he will plead guilty tomorrow to aggravated assault, receive a sentence of 3 years, and serve a... More »

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