Wallis Simpson

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Britain Bugged Its Own King in 1936

As Edward VIII abdication crisis erupted

(Newser) - Today's best bit of historical trivia comes compliments of the BBC , which reports on newly released secret documents that show Britain bugged the phone of its own king in 1936. That king was Edward VIII, most famously known for abdicating so that he could marry divorcee Wallis Simpson. But... More »

Windsors Schemed to Deny Elizabeth Throne

Duke plotted to step in as his brother's health failed

(Newser) - Within a decade of abdicating the throne, the former Edward VIII was plotting a return to power that involved an end run around his niece Elizabeth—better known today as Queen Elizabeth II. A letter the Duke of Windsor wrote in 1946, when his brother and successor King George VI... More »

2 Stories