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Shopper Opens Lowe's Cabinet, Is Bitten by Snake

Fortunately, it wasn't a venomous species

(Newser) - A shopper opening a cabinet at a Lowe's store got an unpleasant surprise: a bite on the head by a snake, WTVA reports. The snake jumped out of the cabinet at the store in Corinth, Miss., the local police chief says. The customer's condition isn't clear, but... More »

Man Says He'll Be Eaten Alive by Anaconda

Paul Rosolie claims he'll journey into the belly of the beast for Discovery Channel

(Newser) - Naturalist Paul Rosolie believes "you have to go head first." What he's referring to is shoving his head into the mouth of an anaconda, letting it swallow him, and filming the experience for a Discovery Channel special called Eaten Alive, reports. According to the... More »

Giant Snake Has Virgin Birth

Reticulated python had 6 babies, with no male in sight

(Newser) - Sorry, gents, you might be getting phased out of the reproduction loop—at least when it comes to the world's longest snakes. Thelma, a 200-pound, 20-foot-long reticulated python who lives at Kentucky's Louisville Zoo with her female roommate Louise, gave birth in 2012 to six female babies. This... More »

Cobra's Severed Head Bites, Kills Chef

Snake kept functioning after decapitation

(Newser) - A chef killed a snake—but the snake had enough time to kill him back. Chef Peng Fan, of Guangdong Province in China, cut off the head of a spitting cobra as he prepared to dice its body for a soup, the Daily Mail reports. But 20 minutes later, as... More »

Cops Catch 12-Foot, Cat-Strangling Snake

Python found near dead feline in Florida: police

(Newser) - A giant python's reign of terror may be over. A Port St. Lucie, Florida, police officer found the 12-foot, 120-pound creature two days ago—at the scene of one of its alleged crimes. The snake was discovered in brush not far from a dead cat, WTSP reports. Locals and... More »

'Home Intruder' in 911 Call Turns Out to Be ... a Snake

It's removed, released; no injuries reported

(Newser) - Authorities say officers in New Mexico rushed to a home invasion call and found an unusual intruder—a large snake. Albuquerque police say officers recently removed the slithering reptile after a woman called 911. Officials believe the snake slithered its way into the woman's home, possibly through an open... More »

Boa Constrictors Found Beside Playground

East London parents 'terrified' at sight of snakes

(Newser) - Talk about unwelcome visitors: Two 8-foot boa constrictors were spotted in an east London park last week and drew a small crowd when police came to remove them, the BBC reports. The snakes, which can grow to 18 feet, were spotted by "terrified parents" beside the park's playground... More »

There's a 20-Foot Snake in a New Jersey Lake

Boa constrictor spotted a dozen times

(Newser) - Move over, Nessie: There's a deadly monster in New Jersey's biggest lake, and there's no sign that this one's a hoax. A boa constrictor between 15 and 20 feet long has been spotted about a dozen times in Lake Hopatcong, CBS New York reports. One couple... More »

An Albino Snake Is Plaguing the Canary Islands

There are as many as thousands per square mile ... underground

(Newser) - Pet snakes have led to big problems in the Canary Islands, quite literally: Biologists say an albino variety of California kingsnake, bred in captivity in San Diego, is now obliterating native animal populations after some of the snakes came to the islands as pets and escaped. The snakes are 30%... More »

Flying Snake's Secret: Its 'UFO Shape'

Researchers use 3D printer to explain mysterious glider

(Newser) - Researchers think they've at long last solved, at least partially, the mystery of so-called "flying snakes." The five species of Chrysopelea don't actually fly, but they're impressive gliders, capable of sailing up to 100 feet through the air. Until now, scientists didn't know how... More »

Woman Finds Huge Snake Living In Her Couch

4-foot-long snake had been there for months

(Newser) - A woman in Michigan found a 4-foot-long snake living in her couch ... and it had been there, she says, for about two months. "Sometimes my dog would sleep there," Holly Wright says. "I would sit and check email, have a cup of coffee. I read a couple... More »

New Threat: Silent Rattlesnakes

South Dakota snakes appearing without rattling ability

(Newser) - It may be terrifying to hear a rattlesnake's signature sound—but, hey, at least it's giving you a heads-up. Now, hikers in South Dakota's Black Hills have to keep their eyes peeled for rattlesnakes that can't rattle, NPR reports. These snakes have curled tails like pigs... More »

Young Kids Strangled to Death by Escaped Python

Boys, 5 and 7, killed in Canada

(Newser) - Two young boys were killed by a python that escaped its enclosure at a pet store in Canada, according to local police. The brothers, aged five and seven, were sleeping in a friend's apartment above the pet store when the snake strangled them, says Royal Canadian Mounted Police Const.... More »

Athlete Bit by Snake Goes for a Run, Dies

Australian didn't realize it was poisonous, went for a jog

(Newser) - A field hockey player has died after being bitten by a venomous king brown snake in Australia's tropical north and proceeding to go for a training run. Karl Berry, 26, was cleaning up around an athletic facility in Darwin on Tuesday when he picked up a snake, thinking it... More »

Woman Sets Snake on Fire, Burns Down Her House

Texas fire official: It's not all that uncommon

(Newser) - Put this on your "don't-do" list: A Texas woman set a snake on fire in her backyard—and then watched as her house burned to the ground, Yahoo! News reports. "While cleaning up, she saw a snake, threw gasoline on the snake, lit the snake on fire,... More »

China Bidding Farewell to Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year is tomorrow

(Newser) - Tomorrow marks the Chinese New Year, and the BBC provides this nugget to give a sense of just how big of a deal it is: So many people head home to celebrate in Asia that it's considered to be the biggest mass migration on the planet. The celebration, also... More »

Florida's Python Hunt a Flop?

1,500 hunters kill ... 50

(Newser) - More underwhelming news for Florida's "Python Challenge": Despite 1,500 would-be snake hunters joining in the month-long attempt to thin out the Burmese pythons living in the Florida Everglades, just 50 snakes have been killed or captured, reports the Telegraph . "They are very evasive," explains one... More »

400 Flock to Everglades for Mass Python Hunt

'Python challenge' attracts participants from all over US

(Newser) - Almost 400 people have signed up to help Florida take on the Burmese pythons squeezing native wildlife out of the Everglades. People from all over the US have joined the monthlong 2013 Python Challenge, which offers prizes including $1,000 for the longest python killed, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.... More »

Mom Finds Python Wrapped Around Her Baby

Tess Guthrie, 22, grabs 6-foot python by the head

(Newser) - Imagine waking up to find a 6-foot python wrapped around your baby's arm. That's what Tess Guthrie experienced yesterday when her cat's hissing roused her at 3:30am in the Australian town of Lismore, Australia's News Network reports. With the snake wrapped three times around her... More »

10-Foot Snake Found at Airport

It was roaming the tarmac in Key West

(Newser) - It was a snake … near a plane. A 10-foot-long snake was found in the grass near the commercial ramp at a Key West airport yesterday, NBC Miami reports. It has been turned over to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. (Impressive, but not in the giant-eyeball-on-a-beach class.) More »

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