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Top Conservative Flicks of the '00s

Even Hollywood can make movies for the non-'lily-livered:' Nile Gardiner

(Newser) - "Hollywood may well be a bastion of liberalism, but it does continue to occasionally produce major films that advance conservative principles," Nile Gardiner writes in the Telegraph . His best of the aughts:
  1. Master and Commander, 2003: The Peter Weir flick starring Russell Crowe is "an epic tale
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Good or Bad, the Aughts Were Real

Terrible events of last decade encouraged a healthy skepticism

(Newser) - The aughts were quite a shock after the “remarkable air of unreality” that perfumed the end of the last century—but we may have actually learned something, Alan Murray writes. “Unlike the Hollywood-scripted decade that preceded it, this one turned out to be more like the reality-television shows... More »

In a Decade, 'TV Became Art'

The Wire , The Sopranos , Six Feet Under , Mad Men —get the picture?

(Newser) - For television, the past decade has been “as the sixties are to music and the seventies to movies”—some of the worst content ever was produced, but the cream of the crop rose to the level of art, Emily Nussbaum writes. Sure, “you could easily memorialize the... More »

The Decade's Most Obsolete Stuff

Everyday items that have gone extinct since 1999

(Newser) - Technology’s come leaps and bounds this past decade, leaving a trove of everyday items in the aughts' dust. New York magazine runs down some of the stuff we won’t really miss:
  • Answering machine—Swingers proved why this thing had to go.
  • Lickable stamp—Collectors still like them, but
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The Last Decade in 7 Merciful Minutes

Some great unpleasantness goes by with pleasant quickness

(Newser) - Oh, the aughts had their moments, what with disputed elections, terrorist attacks, invasions, and Rickrolling. If you, like most, can't remember anything else that happened, the Frisky has a treat for you: Newsweek's condensed version of the past decade in 7 short minutes. Spoiler alert: Barack Obama becomes the first... More »

5 Stories