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Good Riddance to a Squandered Decade

Future renewal depends on consensus about 2000s

(Newser) - The 2000s will join the ranks of decades like the '30s, '60s, and '80s, periods that "shape the country's political life for generations by leaving behind an era to embrace or, at least as often, to scorn," EJ Dionne writes in the Washington Post . As for this "... More »

The Lowest Points of the 'Decade of the Oligarchs'

Bush put US on path to banana republic status

(Newser) - The 2000s were dominated by George W. Bush and the new American oligarchy he represents, writes Juan Cole. He lists hit 10 lowest points of an awful decade:
  • “The constitutional coup of 2000,” in which “ugly racial and other low tricks” and a “far right-wing Supreme
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Good or Bad, the Aughts Were Real

Terrible events of last decade encouraged a healthy skepticism

(Newser) - The aughts were quite a shock after the “remarkable air of unreality” that perfumed the end of the last century—but we may have actually learned something, Alan Murray writes. “Unlike the Hollywood-scripted decade that preceded it, this one turned out to be more like the reality-television shows... More »

Stocks Finish Worst Decade Ever

Yes, even worse than the 1930s

(Newser) - Unless something really drastic happens in the next few days, the 2000s will be the worst decade in recorded stock market history—and that’s going back to 1820, folks. You would have been better off putting your money under your mattress than investing in stocks in 1999; since then,... More »

Top One-Hit Wonders

Songs you've heard constantly, artists you've never heard from again

(Newser) - Musicians don’t always get a full 15 minutes of fame; sometimes, they have to settle for three or four. Billboard took a look back at some of the top one-hit wonders of the decade, acts that got one and only one song onto the Hot 100’s Top 10... More »

The Decade's Most Embarrassing Music

We liked this stuff? Really?

(Newser) - Every decade has some music we would rather not talk about. You know, the "Achy Breaky Hearts", the "Ice Ice Babies", the "Mmm Bops"—songs that make us look back and ask, “What were we thinking?” The worst of the worst for the 2000s, courtesy... More »

The Decade's Most Obsolete Stuff

Everyday items that have gone extinct since 1999

(Newser) - Technology’s come leaps and bounds this past decade, leaving a trove of everyday items in the aughts' dust. New York magazine runs down some of the stuff we won’t really miss:
  • Answering machine—Swingers proved why this thing had to go.
  • Lickable stamp—Collectors still like them, but
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10 Who Died Too Young

From Aaliyah to Tillman to Russert, they had more to offer

(Newser) - In looking back at the '00s, the sad tales of luminaries who died too young stand out. Newsweek asked friends and admirers for their reflections:
  • Randy Pausch, d. 2008: "Despite it all," JJ Abrams writes, the "Last Lecture" professor "was radiant, kind, and good-humored."
  • Tim
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The Last Decade in 7 Merciful Minutes

Some great unpleasantness goes by with pleasant quickness

(Newser) - Oh, the aughts had their moments, what with disputed elections, terrorist attacks, invasions, and Rickrolling. If you, like most, can't remember anything else that happened, the Frisky has a treat for you: Newsweek's condensed version of the past decade in 7 short minutes. Spoiler alert: Barack Obama becomes the first... More »

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