New Zealand icebergs

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Australia Warns Ships About Iceberg

Industry told to watch out for 54-square-mile mass

(Newser) - Australian authorities today warned ships to watch out for the 54-square-mile iceberg that’s slowly approaching the continent’s southwest coast. The once-in-a-century iceberg broke off the coast of Antarctica roughly a decade ago and has been creeping toward the land down under ever since. It's still about 1,000... More »

Icebergs Drift Toward New Zealand

Over 100 floating chunks headed north from Antarctica

(Newser) - A rare flotilla of icebergs is slowly drifting toward New Zealand from Antarctica. Shippers have been warned that more than 100 giant chunks of ice are in the area. Experts believe most of the icebergs will break up before they hit the coast. Enterprising Kiwis are arranging helicopter tours to... More »

2 Stories