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Doctor Has 2nd Baby Right After Delivering a Patient's

Amanda Hess decided to respond to an emergency in the room next to hers

(Newser) - It's not every day that a woman preparing to give birth to her own child stops to deliver another woman's baby. But Dr. Amanda Hess, an obstetrician in Kentucky, found herself doing just that when she was about to have her second child and heard an emergency unfolding... More »

Mom Gives Birth With Assist From Daughter, 12

After doctor told her she could help deliver baby, Jacee Dellapena 'got up in there'

(Newser) - Let's just say Jacee Dellapena won't be buying any stories about storks because she's knows firsthand where babies come from: The Mississippi 12-year-old can also tell her new little brother all about it because, thanks to a combination of Jacee's precociousness and an indulgent doctor, she... More »

Mom Who Gave Birth in Car Must Pay $7K Delivery Room Fee

'That's a little outrageous,' says Paula D'Amore

(Newser) - There was no ambulance, no epidural, and no hours of labor in a delivery room—yet a Florida woman who gave birth this year says she still faced a hefty hospital bill that included a $7,431 delivery room charge. "I think that's a little outrageous," says... More »

Back in Delivery Rooms: Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide making a comeback for women in labor

(Newser) - Women aren't quite laughing their way through childbirth, but laughing gas is again helping ease the pain of women in labor across the country. Hundreds of hospitals have returned to providing laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, during labor, which was common before the epidural was introduced in the 1930s,... More »

China Hospital Helps Guys Feel Pain of Childbirth

'Labor simulator' delivers the agony

(Newser) - A hospital in China is giving men a unique way to share the experience of childbirth—specifically, the pain of childbirth—with women. Reuters reports that Aima maternity hospital offers sessions in which guys can have pads attached to their abdomen that deliver electric shocks in gradually increasing intensity over... More »

Judge: Mom Can Ban Dad From Delivery Room

NJ judge cites woman's right to privacy

(Newser) - A first-of-its-kind ruling is not likely to win much favor with fathers. A woman may ban her baby's daddy from the delivery room during birth, a New Jersey judge decided in a November court hearing as a mother gave her arguments ... while in labor. "The intensity was at... More »

Ban Disney From Delivery Room

'Stop Disney sales reps from pouncing on newborns'

(Newser) - Popping out a baby is no Mickey Mouse experience—even though Disney would like it to be. Sales reps gone Goofy and laden with Disney products are invading maternity wards across the nation to turn very tiny Americans just hours old into cartoon character consumers. Reps at 580 hospitals are... More »

More Hospitals Banning Videos in Delivery Room

Those sentimental images can become court evidence

(Newser) - Hospital managers across the country are confronting a tough decision, reports the New York Times : whether to allow families to videotape births. For one thing, those ever-more powerful cameras can deliver strikingly detailed pieces of evidence should things go wrong. In a 2007 case, for example, the University of Illinois... More »

Banish Men From Childbirth: Doc

He says male presence leads to more stress and more C-sections

(Newser) - Men should make themselves scarce when women are giving birth, says a French obstetrician who will argue his case at a midwives summit this week. Michel Odent says men make women so stressed they stop producing the oxytocin hormone, which eases deliveries, reports the BBC . This results in more C-sections.... More »

9 Stories