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Scientists Revive 1,500-Year-Old Life Form

Moss dating back to Roman Empire easily returns to life

(Newser) - Have a craving for 1,500-year-old moss? Just dig some up from Antarctic permafrost, expose it to light and healthy temperatures, and presto, you've got moss, National Geographic reports. Scientists from Britain did just that, marking the first time a multicellular organism that old has regenerated so easily. In... More »

In Antarctica, a Waterfall Runs Red

Inside the wonders of Blood Falls

(Newser) - It's as eerie as it is breathtaking and surprising: a waterfall in Antarctica that runs blood-red. The appropriately named Blood Falls drops five stories from the Taylor Glacier and into Lake Bonney, its bright red hue like a wound through the glacier. The Smithsonian digs into the story behind... More »

Even Deeper 'Grand Canyon' Found Under Antarctic Ice

It's almost 2 miles at its deepest

(Newser) - It looks like the Grand Canyon has some pretty stiff competition near both poles. In August, scientists announced they had found a Greenland canyon that dwarfs the famed one in Arizona. Now, researchers have repeated the feat—and then some—in the Antarctic. Phys.Org reports that a group of... More »

Trapped Ships Break Free of Antarctic Ice

Before rescue ship can reach them

(Newser) - Two ships that have been trapped near Antarctica broke free of their icy prisons today—before the US ship coming to rescue them could even arrive. A crack appeared in the ice surrounding the Akademik Shokalskiy and the Xue Long following a change in wind direction, the captain of the... More »

US Joins in Antarctic Ship Rescue Effort

Coast Guard cutter to aid Russian, Chinese ships

(Newser) - First a Russian ship got trapped in Antarctic ice; then a Chinese ship got stuck trying to rescue it. Finally, passengers on the MV Akademik Shokalskiy were rescued late this week via helicopter while crew members remained. The saga continues amid concerns about the Chinese vessel : Now the US Coast... More »

52 Rescued From Stranded Antarctic Ship

Ship will now transport them to Tasmania

(Newser) - Help has finally arrived for 52 tourists and scientists who have been trapped on a ship stranded in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve. A Chinese helicopter has ferried the adventurers in batches to the Aurora Australis ship that will bring them out out of Antarctic waters and to Tasmania by... More »

Helicopter Rescue Set for Ship Stranded in Antarctica

Chopper will lift 52 scientists, tourists, but leave crew

(Newser) - Passengers on board a research ship that has been trapped in Antarctic ice for more than a week are expected to be rescued by helicopter within hours. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue Coordination Centre said today that weather conditions had improved in the area and rescue operations were... More »

Rare Photos Found From 1915 Antarctic Expedition

Negatives are discovered frozen in hut's darkroom

(Newser) - Ghostly images of a nearly 100-year-old Antarctic expedition have been rescued from a block of ice and processed for the first time, Guardia reports. They date back to 1915, when an advance team for Sir Ernest Shackleton called the Ross Sea Party arrived to set up supply depots for the... More »

Icebreaker Trying to Rescue Antarctic Ship Gets Stuck

Chinese vessel is within sight, but it might take another 2 days

(Newser) - The captain of a Chinese icebreaker trying to rescue an icebound vessel in the Antarctic puts it diplomatically to CNN : "The current ice condition is exceeding our capabilities to break through further." In other words, it's stuck, too. The good news is that the Chinese ship is... More »

Rescue 2 Days Off for Antarctic Cruise Stranded in Ice

Passengers said to be in high spirits nonetheless

(Newser) - An Antarctic adventure cruise has become stuck in ice after a storm, and rescue ships are at least two days away—but to judge from the dispatches from the ship, the people aboard don't seem to mind. The Akademik Shokalskiy sent out a distress call yesterday, More »

Antarctica May Hold a Stash of Diamonds

Researchers suspect the gem is there, but mining is banned until 2041

(Newser) - As a scramble for the Arctic's resources looms, scientists have spotted evidence of mineral riches at the planet's southern pole. An Australian-led team discovered rocks signaling large diamond deposits on the icy slopes of Mount Meredith, which is located in East Antarctica, the BBC reports. (They didn't... More »

Found: Coldest Spot on Earth

'Soul-crushing' -136F recorded in Antarctica

(Newser) - If you're reading this in a spot just below the crest of an ice ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau, you're probably frozen solid by now. Researchers using satellite data say the area is the coldest place on Earth, with a record low of -136 Fahrenheit (-93.2... More »

Future Nobel? Neutrinos Discovery Heralds 'New Era for Astronomy'

They were found at the South Pole, and they're out of this world

(Newser) - Scientists at the South Pole have found visitors from outside our solar system, but instead of little green men, think "ghostly neutrino particles," in the words of . Twenty-eight of them to be exact, all detected by a special observatory called IceCube in Antarctica. Ars Technica has... More »

Live Volcano Found Under Antarctic Ice

It could send yet more ice into ocean if it blows its top

(Newser) - What happens when a huge volcanic eruption happens under a massive sheet of ice? A new discovery means scientists may soon get a chance to find out. Researchers investigating swarms of small earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 in western Antarctica believe they have spotted an active volcano rumbling under almost... More »

Danger in the Ocean: 270-Square-Mile Iceberg

Chunk of Antarctic ice could threaten shipping

(Newser) - A vast iceberg—described variously as Singapore-sized, bigger than Chicago, a quarter of the size of Rhode Island, or just really, really big—is drifting away from Antarctica and could find its way toward shipping lanes. The 270-square-mile chunk of ice cracked off the Pine Island Glacier in July, Antarctica'... More »

Massive Rivers Found Beneath Antarctic Ice

Some are as tall as the Eiffel Tower

(Newser) - Beneath Antarctic ice shelves hundreds of feet thick isn't exactly somewhere most of us would expect to find flowing water. But according to British researchers, rivers of melting ice water are cutting massive channels into the polar ice—some as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Newsy reports: More »

Truth About Last Ice Age Found in Antarctic Ice

Study: Turns out warming happened around the same time everywhere

(Newser) - December 2011 saw the end of a five-year effort to recover the longest ice core ever drilled by the US. About half of the more than two-mile core, taken from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide, has been now been analyzed, taking scientists back through 30,000 years of annual... More »

Tests Hint at Fish Miles Below Antarctic Ice

Scientists study RNA at Lake Vostok

(Newser) - A lake nearly 2.5 miles below Antarctica's ice sheet could harbor some surprising organisms—including, perhaps, fish, scientists find. Lake Vostok, some 5,800 square miles in area, is thought to have been closed off from the atmosphere for millions of years, the BBC notes. But rivers below... More »

Antarctic Melting Fastest in 1K Years

Summers see 10 times the melting of 600 years ago

(Newser) - The Antarctic Peninsula is melting at a rate not seen for a millennium, researchers find. They investigated a 1,200-foot ice core from the peninsula, analyzing sections that had melted and refrozen, al Jazeera reports. The thickness of those layers and the gases held within revealed the extent of the... More »

In a First, Scientists Track Blue Whales by Song

Researchers able to zero in on mammoth creatures for study

(Newser) - Blue whales may be the planet's biggest creature, but that doesn't mean they're easy to track and study. This should help, however: Australian researchers on the Southern Ocean were able to get around what one called the "needle in a haystack" problem by dropping acoustic buoys... More »

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