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Dairy Drivers in Maine Are Celebrating a Missing Comma

Court rules in their favor in labor dispute that came down to lack of punctuation

(Newser) - For instilling in us a love of language, we offer a shout-out to our English teachers, William Safire and Mary Norris . In that sentence, we're trying to thank our teachers plus those two grammar gurus. If you didn't read it that way, witness the importance of the Oxford... More »

Janitor Making $270K Spends Lots of Time in a Closet: Probe

BART reps scrambling to explain how Liang Zhao Zhang pulled in so much in 2015

(Newser) - There's quite a difference between making $58,000 a year and $270,000, and that huge gap is why some are now poking around to see how a San Francisco janitor has been pulling in the latter . The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Liang Zhao Zhang, who cleans the... More »

Court Blocks Overtime Expansion Pay Rule for 4M

Overtime protections would have applied to workers making up to $47K

(Newser) - A federal court on Tuesday blocked implementation of a rule imposed by President Obama's administration that would have made an estimated 4 million more higher-earning workers across the country eligible for overtime pay starting Dec. 1, the AP reports. The Texas court granted the nationwide preliminary injunction that prevents... More »

SF Train Station Janitor Paid $58K Actually Made $270K

Liang Zhao Zhang picked up a lot of overtime

(Newser) - Looking to make the big bucks? Try being a janitor and apparently not having a life. A San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit janitor raked in about $271,000 in pay and benefits last year—almost five times his base salary of $57,945, reports NBC Bay Area —after... More »

Papa John's Franchisee Gets Jail for Dodging Overtime

NYC owner also to cough up more than $500K in back pay, damages, penalties

(Newser) - A Papa John's owner tried to make a buck off his employees' backs, and now he's paying big time. Abdul Jamil Khokhar, who owns nine of the chain's restaurants in the NYC area along with BMY Foods, has pleaded guilty to not paying the correct minimum wage... More »

Obama Wants 5M More Americans to Get Overtime

His proposal would more than double current salary threshold to $50,440

(Newser) - "Right now, too many Americans are working long days for less pay than they deserve." Those are President Obama's words in a Huffington Post op-ed about a proposal he predicts would help up to 5 million workers in 2016: increasing the overtime salary threshold from $23,660... More »

It's Time for More of Us to Get Overtime Pay

It would help with this generation's financial difficulties: Nick Hanauer

(Newser) - If you feel like you're working harder and longer than your parents did, yet not doing as well as they did, Nick Hanauer points to one reason why: overtime pay. "Your parents got a lot of it, and you don't," writes the Seattle-based entrepreneur on Politico... More »

Prison Nurse Hit NY for $630K in Overtime

'Bionic' worker often put in 16+-hour days, highlighting gov't waste

(Newser) - There's working hard, and then there's this: A nurse at a women's prison zapped the state of New York for some $630,000 in overtime in less than five years, according to the Journal News . Mercy Mathew, a 62-year-old RN who has since quit—presumably for a... More »

'Wage Theft' Lawsuits Are on the Rise

Workers say they're not getting their wages

(Newser) - More US workers are joining wage-theft lawsuits that accuse their bosses of failing to pay their proper hours or wages, the New York Times reports. "Sometimes I’d work 60, even 90 days in a row," said a Mexican immigrant who joined a lawsuit against the Schneider trucking... More »

Obama Goes It Alone to Expand Overtime Pay

Aims to limit exemption for 'executive or professional' workers

(Newser) - President Obama is acting to ensure overtime for millions of workers who may currently be working the hours without getting the pay. As it stands, workers ranging from fast-food managers to computer experts may be labeled "executive or professional" by their employers; that designation lets their bosses avoid paying... More »

Overtime Rules Long Overdue for a Reality Check

Obama should raise out-of-date threshold, says op-ed writer

(Newser) - The requirement that most workers who go beyond 40 hours a week get time-and-a-half pay as a reward has been a great one since its inception in 1938, writes Ross Eisenbrey in the New York Times . But the current guidelines for salaried workers, as opposed to hourly ones, are way... More »

DHS Workers Watch Netflix, Charge Overtime: Report

Dipping into 'candy bowl' cost department $8.7M a year

(Newser) - An Office of Special Counsel report has detailed a "profound and entrenched problem" at six Department of Homeland Security offices, where employees have been dipping into a "candy bowl" of unearned overtime money to boost their paychecks. The routine practice of claiming Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime—meant to compensate... More »

80% of Workers Tied to Job—at Home

Extra time adds up to nearly an extra work day per week

(Newser) - Mobile devices are keeping huge numbers of workers chained to the office in their downtime, according to a study by Good Technology . Some 80% of workers polled by the company said they kept working after leaving the office mainly by answering calls and emails, and half of those said they... More »

Walmart Slapped With $4.8M Bill for Unpaid Wages

About 4,500 employees weren't paid for overtime

(Newser) - The Labor Department has ordered Walmart to pay $4.8 million in back wages to around 4,500 workers it short-changed between 2004 and 2007. Over that span, Walmart had refused to pay overtime to its vision-center managers and asset-protection coordinators, for some reason believing them exempt from federal regulations... More »

More Groupon Workers Suing for Overtime

This time, 50 employees allege they weren't paid overtime

(Newser) - Groupon employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the company claiming unpaid overtime, the second such suit filed against the daily deals website in the past month. This time around, Groupon’s so-called “deal vetters”—a position that no longer exists—say they weren’t paid overtime... More »

Chicago Cop Sues for OT for Checking Blackberry

Case raises sticky smartphone concerns

(Newser) - A Chicago police sergeant is suing the city for overtime pay for all the times he checks his Blackberry while off duty, reports NPR . The case might help iron out (or further complicate) the rules governing the increasingly blurred lines between work and private life. The mayor scoffs at this... More »

NY Poised to Pass Nation's First Nanny Protection Law

Bill gives domestic workers overtime pay, weekly day off

(Newser) - New York is about to become the first state to recognize nannies and domestic workers as workers with rights. A bill passed by the state Senate this week guarantees full-time domestic workers overtime pay and one day off a week, as well as sick days and vacation days. It will... More »

Overtime Is Bad for Your Heart

Study shows that working late could literally kill you

(Newser) - Have you ever joked that the hours at your job will kill you? Stop laughing: you could be right. Those who work 10 or more hours a day are 60% more likely to develop heart-related problems, according to a new study in the European Heart Journal. That correlation held true... More »

NFL May Rewrite OT Rules

If one team wins toss and kicks a field goal, other team gets the ball

(Newser) - NFL fans who hate the overtime rules have reason to hope. More often than not it seems, the team that wins the coin toss zips down the field and ends the game with a field goal. League owners are considering a revision to try to even things up: The game... More »

Saints Work OT, Earn 1st Super Bowl Berth

Favre interception helps sink Vikings

(Newser) - The New Orleans Saints are heading to their first Super Bowl after battering Brett Favre and beating the Minnesota Vikings in overtime tonight, 31-28, on unheralded Garrett Hartley's 40-yard field goal. Favre threw away Minnesota's best chance to win, tossing an interception to Tracy Porter deep in New Orleans territory... More »

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