Tiger Woods car crash

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Tiger: 'I've Done Bad Things'

Woods talks car crash, Buddhism, making amends

(Newser) - Giving interviews for the first time since the November car crash that kicked off a snowballing sex scandal, Tiger Woods talked with ESPN and the Golf Channel yesterday. Some highlights:
  • On facing his wife and mother: "They both have been brutal. They've both been very tough."
  • The car
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TMZ: Woods Was Admitted to Hospital as OD

OD, breathing trouble noted on hospital charts after SUV crash

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was admitted to the hospital listed as an overdose after his SUV crash, according to sources at Florida's Health Central Hospital. Woods—whose wife handed paramedics bottles of Ambien and Vicodin—was having trouble breathing and doctors used a respiration tube to help him, the sources tell TMZ.... More »

Elin to Cops: Tiger Was Drinking Before Crash

Woods had been prescribed Ambien, Vicodin

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was drinking before his SUV crash, a newly released police report shows. Elin Nordegren Woods told the officers at the scene her husband had consumed alcohol and had prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin the day of the crash. The new details come from a police report leaked to... More »

Rachel Uchitel to Come Clean on Tiger Affair

Details trickle out on Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, and lady #4

(Newser) - As the rumor mill continues to churn out news of Tiger Woods’ infidelities, first alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel plans to admit her affair with the golfer. Uchitel and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred scheduled a press conference for today to discuss the “relationship,” and sources tell Radar Uchitel will... More »

Golfer Sorry He Introduced Tiger to Elin

Parnevik: She should use a driver, not a 3-iron next time

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' pal Jesper Parnevik is sorry he ever introduced the champ to his nanny Elin Nordegren and he has one piece of advice for his fellow Swede: Next time, use "a driver rather than a 3-iron" when she goes after her errant hubby." I really feel sorry... More »

Tiger Pays Elin Up to $80M Not to Bolt

Tiger, Elin Nordegren Woods begin intense marriage counseling

(Newser) - News of Tiger Woods' extracurricular activities seems to be pouring in hourly, but don't look for Elin Nordegren to move out anytime soon. Woods’ has made a deal to pay his wife to stick around, including an immediate $5 million payment, Gerald Posner writes in the Daily Beast , and a... More »

Hypocritical Media Should Stop Swinging at Woods

Tiger's attackers in the press just angry he won't play their game

(Newser) - The sanctimonious media frenzy surrounding Tiger Woods' "transgressions" smells pretty hypocritical to Jason Whitlock. The tabloids can be excused because they're just doing their job, Whitlock writes at Fox , but writers at outlets like ESPN and the Washington Post are "pretending Tiger has committed some crime against humanity... More »

Tiger Apologizes for 'Transgressions'

Woods doesn't confirm, deny affairs with Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs

(Newser) - In a statement posted on his website , Tiger Woods apologizes for unnamed “transgressions” and admits that he “let my family down.” The golf phenom bemoans the “tabloid scrutiny” currently invading his privacy, but promises that “I will strive to be a better person and the... More »

Chinese Vid 'Replays' Tiger Woods Crash

Elin Nordegren freaks out over Rachel Uchitel...in Chinese

(Newser) - If you’re dying to know just how the Tiger Woods car crash went down, good news: A Chinese-language video has emerged on YouTube showing just that, E! reports. The educational video features the official version of events—a distraught Elin Nordegren trying to free her husband from the car—... More »

I'm Going to Wear You Out: Tiger Sext

Jaimee Grubbs dribbles out 'proof' of affair

(Newser) - Cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs—one of a growing list of women who claim to have been one of Tiger Woods' lovers—has released steamy text messages she says are from the golfer. “I will wear you out,” reads one message obtained by Radar . Another says: “Send me... More »

Tiger Cited for Careless Driving; No Criminal Probe

Florida officials say the case is closed

(Newser) - Tiger Woods will get a careless driving citation for the car crash outside his Orlando-area mansion last week, but will not face criminal charges, the Florida Highway Patrol said today. Woods faces a $164 fine and four points against his driver's license. The citation will close the investigation. More »

Second Woman Claims Affair With Tiger Woods

Jaimee Grubbs says she has photos and texts to prove it

(Newser) - A second woman has come forward to say she's had an affair with Tiger Woods. Jaimee Grubbs, a 24-year-old cocktail waitress in Los Angeles, tells US Weekly that she had a 31-month fling with Woods beginning in April 2007. Grubbs, who appeared on the VH1 show Tool Academy, says she's... More »

Tiger Bails on His Own Tournament, Citing Injuries

Woods won't play again this year, apologizes to fans

(Newser) - Tiger Woods has pulled out of this week's Chevron World Challenge—which he has hosted for the past 9 years—and is blaming injuries sustained in his mysterious car crash early Friday morning. "I'm very sorry that I can't be there," reads a post on his website. The... More »

'Shadowy' Nordegren Seriously Private—Usually

Not really the type to have 'gone ghetto,' as alleged: sources

(Newser) - So who’s this wife of Tiger Woods caught wielding a gold club at the scene of his unfortunate run-in with a fire hydrant? Elin Nordegren dabbled in modeling in her native Sweden, Jacob Bernstein writes, but is not an “ex-model” as we understand it. She came into Woods’... More »

Tiger's Maybe-Flame Hires Celeb Lawyer

Gloria Allred known for taking high-profile cases

(Newser) - The New York club hostess rumored to be Tiger Woods' mistress has hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, the New York Daily News reports. Allred, who calls herself the "most famous woman attorney in the nation," met Rachel Uchitel at the LA airport yesterday. "I don't think there's... More »

Fla. Cops Seek Tiger Search Warrant

Injuries may have been caused by domestic violence, or DUI

(Newser) - The Florida Highway Patrol is trying to get a search warrant that would allow it access to Tiger Woods' hospital records, TMZ reports. The goal: To figure out whether the golfer's injuries were caused by his car accident or his wife. To get a warrant, authorities must show probable cause... More »

Tiger, Suck It Up and Come Clean

This story is too tantalizing to go away, so get it over with

(Newser) - Handsome super athlete possibly cheating on his stunning wife, car crash in the wee hours, said wife with a golf club in her hand: what's not to find captivating about the Tiger Woods soap opera? "What really happened, and why? The puzzle is irresistible," admits John Paul Newport... More »

Tiger Breaks Silence, Blows Off Cops Again

In statement on website, golfer praises wife for acting 'courageously'

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is "pretty sore" physically and his feelings are hurt after 2 days of speculation about his car crash early Friday morning—but if Florida Highway Patrol investigators want to hear his story, they'll have to wait. A scheduled meeting was canceled this afternoon for the second consecutive... More »

TMZ: Tiger's Cuts Caused by Wife, Not Crash

She scratched him during argument about affair rumors, says friend

(Newser) - As unconfirmed reports about Friday night's car accident dribble out, TMZ now says that Tiger Woods' facial cuts didn't come from the accident but from his wife, Elin Nordegren. He reportedly told a friend that she scratched him after confronting him about rumors he was cheating. Tiger then left the... More »

Tiger Lost Consciousness; Wife Helped Free Him

Investigation on hold until after golfer gets some rest

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was unconscious for 6 minutes after his SUV collided with a fire hydrant and tree near his Florida mansion early this morning, and his wife heard the crash and helped free him from the vehicle. Elin Nordegren, a former model, used a golf club—she presumably had quite... More »

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