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Death of Girl Who Refused Chemo Under Investigation

The 11-year-old, a member of the First Nations tribe in Canada, died of a stroke

(Newser) - Makayla Sault made headlines last year when, after undergoing 12 weeks of chemotherapy to treat her acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she stopped treatment in May, opting instead for "traditional" medicine. The 11-year-old member of the First Nations tribe in Canada died of an apparent stroke Sunday, which her family says... More »

Peonies: The New Saving Grace for Chemo Patients?

Together with licorice, peonies ease nausea, cramps

(Newser) - A new drug could help ease the suffering of chemo patients, and it’s made up of some pretty humble ingredients: Peony flowers, licorice, and the extracts of dates and skullcap plants. If that sounds more like a home remedy than a drug, that’s because it is. Researchers at... More »

Brazilian Mint Tea Kills Pain

It's as effective as an aspirin-type drug

(Newser) - Traditional Brazilian healers who used indigenous mint to relieve headaches and stomach pain were onto something, say researchers who found the mint tea is as effective a pain reliever as aspirin-type medication. But this isn't just any mint tea: The leaves of a Brazilian mint variety are boiled for 30... More »

3 Stories