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KKK Starts a Neighborhood Watch

'It's not targeting any specific ethnicity,' president assures

(Newser) - How comforting: Residents of a Pennsylvania neighborhood found fliers on their doorsteps Friday morning with a picture of a hooded KKK member and the words, "You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake!" Yes, after a number of break-ins in Fairview Township, the local chapter of the... More »

Zimmerman Left His Wife a Shot-Up Target: Report

Shellie said to have considered it a 'subliminal message'

(Newser) - After George Zimmerman was forced to move out of his house last month, his soon-to-be-ex-wife Shellie found something ominous nailed to the wall: A shooting range target sporting 17 bullet holes, according to a report in Radar . A source sent Radar a photo of the target, saying it was the... More »

Florida to Citizens: Rat Out Your Terrorist Neighbors

iWATCH allows people to report terror-related activities online

(Newser) - Expect a few Big Brother! cries around this one. A group of northeast Florida counties have introduced a way for its residents to report on fellow residents who they believe may be engaged in terror activities: an online system called iWATCH . The iWATCH site explains what kinds of things should... More »

Neighborhood Watch Trailers, Posters Pulled

Fox pulls ads from Florida theaters in light of Trayvon Martin's death

(Newser) - In the wake of Trayvon Martin's death , last week's teaser trailer for Fox's Neighborhood Watch—in which four guys clad in Neighborhood Watch jackets pull a kid into a police station for questioning—could easily raise eyebrows. Not surprisingly, Fox pulled the trailer, as well as the... More »

'Million Hoodie' Trayvon March Hits NYC

Protesters demand justice for slain Florida teen

(Newser) - Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of New York City last night to demand justice for an unarmed black Florida teen shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer . Many people at the "Million Hoodie March" event wore hooded tops similar to the one Trayvon Martin was wearing when... More »

Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend: I Told Him to Run

She spoke to Martin moments before George Zimmerman shot him

(Newser) - Moments before he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman , Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend, fearful because he was being followed. "He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man," the 16-year-old girl says.... More »

After 4 Suicides, Calif. Parents Guard Rails

Four Palo Alto teens dead in last 6 months spark vigil

(Newser) - After four teenagers from the same high school committed suicide on the commuter rail tracks that run through Palo Alto, Calif., in just 6 months, parents set up a daily vigil at the offending crossing. When the train comes through—every half hour—there's a nervous pause in the chatting,... More »

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