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Climate Scandal Prof Weighed Suicide

Under attack over Climategate emails, Phil Jones considered killing himself

(Newser) - The British scientist accused of fudging data that might weaken the case for global warming was so traumatized by the torrent of hostility directed at him since what's been dubbed Climategate that he considered killing himself—"several times," the Times of London reports. Phil Jones, the professor whose... More »

'Climategate' Scientist Faces New Fraud Claims

Data behind some work of Jones work can't be verified

(Newser) - The British scientist accused of ignoring data in order to make climate change look more dire—and whose leaked emails ignited the so-called “Climategate” scandal—faces new fraud claims tonight after a newspaper’s investigation found that some data was seriously flawed, and that documents backing up the research... More »

UN Panel to Investigate Climate Emails

IPCC switches its stance, calls the allegations serious

(Newser) - The UN’s climate change panel says it will investigate the recently leaked e-mails from British climate scientists that have caused a conservative uproar. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change initially dismissed the "Climategate" emails, in which scientists from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit discuss... More »

Scientist Steps Down Over Climate Emails

He will remain on leave until review is carried out

(Newser) - The leader of the global warming research organization that had its confidential emails posted online will step down while a review into the hacked emails is conducted. Professor Phil Jones insists that the emails reveal no grand conspiracy to suppress evidence against the climate-change consensus, but said he would relinquish... More »

4 Stories