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Paris Death Toll Rises to 60 as France Closes Borders

President Obama pledges to help

(Newser) - French media are reporting least 60 people are dead in Friday's Paris attacks , per Reuters . Multiple, apparently coordinated gun and bomb attacks hit almost simultaneously, and at least 100 hostages were reportedly being held at a concert hall after one of the shootings. There were reportedly as many as... More »

One Guy Could Have Pulled Off Boston Bombing: Expert

FBI takes lead on investigation

(Newser) - As investigators follow up on leads in the Boston Marathon bombing , the Boston Herald talks to security experts who say the attack may have been nearly impossible to prevent. That's because the use of an IED is "hard to stop ... in a free and open society," one... More »

Belarus Prez Links Subway Blast to 'Foreign Plot'

Opposition fears crackdown after bomb kills 12

(Newser) - The autocratic leader of Belarus says he thinks a deadly subway blast in the capital was an attempt to destabilize his country. A 12th victim of the rush-hour explosion in Minsk has died. At least 126 others were injured, many of whom lost arms and legs. "We must find... More »

Fed Terror Boss Skied Through Bomb Crisis

Could be downhill from here on for Michael Leiter

(Newser) - The director of the National Counterterrorism Center remained on his ski vacation despite news that a passenger had tried to blow up a Detroit-bound jetliner. Michael Leiter, the top official in charge of analyzing terror threats, didn't return to the Virginia center's "bat cave" near the CIA until several... More »

Deadly Bomb Targets Iranian Pilgrims in Syria

At least 6 killed when pilgrim bus explodes

(Newser) - A powerful bomb tore through a bus packed with Iranian pilgrims in Syria today, killing at least six and injuring dozens. Body parts were strewn around the bus near the Sayyeda Zainab area in Damascus, witnesses reported. The pilgrims were on their way to a Shiite religious shrine. The attack... More »

5 Stories