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It's the Most Terrible Movie Time of the Year

Studios increasingly schedule junk for the holidays: Nico Lang

(Newser) - Night at the Museum, anyone? How about Annie, or Big Eyes? Once again, it's a year of unappealing films for the holidays—no big surprise, considering what's been released around Christmas in recent years, ranging from It's Complicated to Gulliver's Travels. Christmas has increasingly become what... More »

Could the Burglars Have Survived Home Alone?

Yes, but with serious injuries, says a doctor

(Newser) - Home Alone is a modern Christmas classic—but, as Lauren Hansen points out in The Week , it requires quite a suspension of disbelief. Could the "Wet Bandits," played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, really have taken an iron to the face, a blow torch to the head,... More »

The Greatest Holiday Film of the Past 30 Years Is...

Gremlins . Didn't see that coming, did you?

(Newser) - Try to come up with a modern holiday classic and you'll probably think of films like Elf or The Nightmare Before Christmas. But, no, it's actually Gremlins that claims the top spot in the Atlantic 's analysis of the greatest modern holiday films. The magazine looked at... More »

Nine Truly Awful Christmas Movies

Sorry Jim Carrey, but you're no cartoon Grinch

(Newser) - It’s fun to be festive and all, but nobody really needs to see Arnold Schwarzenegger trading Christmas-related quips with Sinbad. On E! , Josh Grossberg lists nine holiday flicks you should skip:
  • Jingle All the Way: The aforementioned Schwarzenegger-Sinbad vehicle involves jokes that “fall flatter than a drunken department
... More »

Like Home Alone? Follow Twitter Recreation

Project has accounts for all 22 characters, linked via list

(Newser) - A British studio is using Twitter’s new(ish) list feature to re-create the Christmas classic Home Alone online, with each of the film’s 22 characters having a Twitter feed. So if you can’t be near a TV, or maybe just want to experience Macaulay Culkin’s star turn... More »

It's High Time We Get a New Classic Christmas Movie

A critic says 'bah humbug' to another year's worth of mediocre movies

(Newser) - When it comes to films, the Christmas canon is made up of old favorites like It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Miracle on 34th Street that are, well, old—and it's high time that changed. The 21st century is the "dark ages" of holiday movie going, writes... More »

6 Stories