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Groupon Pulls Ads After Heavy Flak

Company yanks them after Super Bowl spots meet derision

(Newser) - After its attempt to draw laughs in Super Bowl ads drew condemnation instead, Groupon first tried to tweak the spots . Now it's giving up and pulling them off the air entirely, reports Mashable . In one, Timothy Hutton speaks earnestly about the problems in Tibet, then adds, "But they still... More »

Serious Moonlight a Dim Effort

Filming slain writer's script a fine sentiment, poorly executed

(Newser) - When Waitress writer-director Adrienne Shelly was murdered, in 2006, she left behind the script for Serious Moonlight. Critics speculate that she might have made it work, but that hasn't happened:
  • "A wife duct-tapes her husband to a chair and tells him that she will make him fall in love
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2 Stories