Students Day

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New Iranian Protests Turn Violent

Journalists banned, phones blocked, university locked down

(Newser) - A state-run rally devolved into chaos in Tehran today, as police clashed with opposition supporters renewing their post-election discontent. Police fired tear gas at the protesters in various squares throughout the city, while plainclothes Basij militia beat demonstrators with batons, witnesses told Reuters and the AP . Elsewhere, protesters and the... More »

Iran Cracks Down Ahead of Rally

Internet access slows, foreign media warned on eve of annual event

(Newser) - An annual rally is shaping up as another battle between Iran's government and citizens, with Internet access in Tehran restricted and foreign reporters warned not even to go outside for the next 3 days. Dec. 7 is Students Day, marking the anniversary of the deaths of three student protesters in... More »

2 Stories