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Facebook Overhauls Privacy Controls

You'll now have more visible controls, the ability to approve tags of yourself

(Newser) - Facebook will go live with a host of changes over the next few days designed to address its ever-present privacy concerns. Now, instead of hiding all your privacy controls in the account settings menu, Facebook will display a drop-down menu next to each element of your profile, letting you dictate... More »

Facebook Squirms Over 'Privacy Panic' Huddle

Meet part of usual 'open culture,' say nervous execs

(Newser) - Facebook officials are scrambling to downplay an emergency meeting reportedly held to address mounting public fury as the company mines users' private information to boost profits. Senators have called on Facebook officials to rethink the latest privacy breaches, hordes of users are deleting their accounts and European Internet experts have... More »

Facebook Privacy Rollback Reveals Founder's Pics

Guarded Zuckerberg's partying ways revealed

(Newser) - Facebook’s much-maligned push to get users to make everything public has had the delicious and possibly unintended consequence of broadcasting all of Mark Zuckerberg’s embarrassing pictures to the world. Until now, Facebook’s founder had kept a closed profile, with only one photo of himself visible to the... More »

Critics Rip Facebook Privacy Revamp

Say new settings deceive, manipulate users

(Newser) - The revamped privacy features that Facebook unveiled yesterday may make it easier for you to limit who sees your beach vacation photos and thoughts on breakfast cereal—but the move actually pushes users to share their personal information with all 350 million fellow users, say privacy advocates angry over the... More »

4 Stories