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Bye-Bye, BCS: College Football to Get 4-Team Playoff

Switch will begin in 2014

(Newser) - It wasn't just a dream for BCS haters: College football today formally decided to ditch the much-reviled system of picking a champion and switch to a four-team playoff, reports ESPN . The move takes effect in 2014. Though some details remain to be worked out, the AP says a committee... More »

Justice Dept. Looking at Legality of BCS System

Feds reviewing request by Orrin Hatch for antitrust inquiry

(Newser) - Trouble for the BCS? The Justice Department says it's considering opening an investigation into the legality of college football's system of picking a champion. In a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch—he hates the BCS because he says it gives an unfair advantage, and thus a ton of money, to... More »

Why Congress Can Boss Big-Time Sports Around

BCS playoff bill the latest in a long line of similar measures

(Newser) - A House subcommittee ushered through a bill that would keep the BCS from billing its title game as the “national championship,” unless the NCAA institutes a playoff system. Where does Congress get off telling college administrators what to do? Well, sports are considered interstate commerce, according to the... More »

3 Stories