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A Dot on a Mousse Dish Is Angering Japan

And more on the meal that will be served to Kim Jong Un Friday

(Newser) - Ahead of Kim Jong Un's high-stakes meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in over the future of his nukes comes the repetition of one word: rosti. It has nothing to do with nukes. Rather, it's a Swiss fried potato dish that South Korea plans to "re-interpret" and... More »

Top Chef's Personal Secret: 'It's All About Pain'

'Esquire' profiles Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park

(Newser) - When the influential World's 50 Best Restaurants comes out with its new list in April, don't be surprised to find Manhattan's Eleven Madison Park at the top, writes Jeff Gordinier in Esquire . His profile, however, isn't about the four-star restaurant exactly, but its 40-year-old chef and... More »

Gourmet Dinner Party for 25 on Mount Everest? No Problem

Well, there actually were problems, but chef James Sharman and his team still pulled it off

(Newser) - For a chef who's filleted and flambéd in some of Europe's top restaurants, planning a dinner party for two dozen people shouldn't present an issue—unless that dinner party happens to be nearly 18,000 feet in the air. Outside magazine outlines the challenges faced by... More »

Why Folks May Now Feel Like Royalty at McDonald's

Chain announces table service, self-order kiosks, other upgrades

(Newser) - You deserve a break today. No, really, don't get up—a McDonald's server will bring your Big Mac right to you. That was the Thursday announcement from the company's execs, who said the new table-service option they're offering will help transform Mickey Dee's into a... More »

Single Dinner at Singapore Restaurant Costs $2M

Restaurant, Russian company are offering the event to just two worthy diners

(Newser) - In the ultimate act of lavish absurdity, Singapore restaurant Ce La Vi is partnering with Russian company World of Diamonds Group to offer what is being billed as the "most expensive dining experience in the world." It's one only two worthy diners will have the chance to... More »

Couple Takes Flak for Crying Baby in Elite Restaurant

Chicago's Alinea now at center of debate on diners' etiquette

(Newser) - It all started with a cranky baby. But this particular baby happened to be with mom and dad as they dined at one of the nation's swankiest restaurants, Chicago's Alinea. As the baby kicked up a fuss, chef Grant Achatz says he could hear it from the kitchen.... More »

Tokyo Is World's Gourmet Capital: Michelin

...for the 6th year in a row

(Newser) - Want a fancypants meal—or 15? Head to Tokyo, which has more three-Michelin-star restaurants than any city in the world ... again. The top honor goes to Tokyo for the sixth year running (it overtook Paris in 2007 ), reports Reuters , with 15 restaurants claiming the maximum number of stars. Bloomberg... More »

Quick, Before It's Illegal: Have Some Foie Gras Donuts

Californians devouring livers ahead of ban

(Newser) - This Sunday, California's foodies face a terrible prospect: life without fattened goose liver. At the urging of animal rights activists, California passed a foie gras ban back in 2004, the Wall Street Journal explains, and it finally hits this weekend. So Californians are stuffing their gullets with foie by... More »

11 Toughest Restaurants to Get Into

And how you can at least attempt to get a reservation

(Newser) - If you fancy yourself a gastronome, you have surely heard of these celebrated restaurants where masters engage in the high art of cooking. But getting into them is another thing entirely. has compiled a list of 11 restaurants around the world where it is virtually impossible to snag... More »

Food and Wine Pairings? All Lies!

Study suggests wine aficionados often skip the meal

(Newser) - We’re always hearing that this wine goes with that food, and feel guilty when we get it wrong—but what if it’s all a scam? asks Jason Wilson in the Washington Post . A new study suggests it might be: More than 60% of wine sipped by “high-frequency... More »

How to Dine Like a Gentleman

For one thing, no dancing

(Newser) - Looking to impress your future in-laws at a fancy dinner out? Follow John Mariani’s 39 steps for how to dine out like a gentleman, from Esquire :
  • "A gentleman never has more than one cocktail before dinner."
  • "A gentleman never takes more than one minute to decide
... More »

Take the Mystery Out of the Wine List

Riesling, Oregon, Costieres de Nimes, and Kermit Lynch are your friends

(Newser) - Ordering wine in a restaurant can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. "Quit being afraid of wine!" wine blogger Nilay Gandhi writes for The Awl . "There's one truth to that wine list you're so terrified to negotiate: it's full of baloney." You can't go... More »

World's Best Restaurant, El Bulli, Takes 2-Year Break

Ferran Adria announces hiatus for El Bulli

(Newser) - Spanish chef Ferran Adria stunned the world of fine dining by announcing that his celebrated El Bulli restaurant will be closing for 2 years after the 2011 season. Adria—creator of dishes like squid ravioli, turtle dove with blackberry caviar, and freeze-dried foie gras—says working 15-hour days has been... More »

In Face of Finicky Foodies, More Waiters Write It Down

Diners more sophisticated, have more allergies

(Newser) - As diners become more sophisticated—in no small part due to the proliferation of cooking shows—even waiters known for their steel-trap memories are being forced to write down orders. “Whoever invented the Food Network should be shot,” one veteran Washington waiter complains to the Post . “Everyone’... More »

Huge Tuna Fetches $176K

Rare bluefin pulls in even rarer sum at Japanese auction

(Newser) - A gigantic bluefin tuna, weighing in at 512.8 pounds, sold for roughly $176,000 today in an auction in Japan, a sum not seen in nearly a decade. It was Japan’s first tuna auction of the year—amid rapidly declining bluefin stocks—yet it beat out the top... More »

Small Plates, Big Bars Are the Future of Dining

Jose Andres' Bazaar in LA rakes it in while others falter

(Newser) - Chef José Andrés’ newish Los Angeles restaurant, Bazaar, is all the things fine dining didn’t used to be—in a hotel, bar-centric, and focused entirely on small plates. It's also one thing few and fewer restaurants are now: profitable. It's the future, Katy McLaughlin predicts, for several reasons.... More »

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