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Indiana Fighting Store Owner Over Cold Beer

Convenience stores in state can only sell warm beer

(Newser) - GOP leaders in the Indiana Statehouse have reached agreement on a measure targeting a convenience store owner who used a legal loophole to circumvent the state's stringent law governing who can sell cold beer. A copy of the proposed legislation obtained by the AP sets a bar so high... More »

SEC Wants to Know If Giant Booze Maker Spiked Sales

Diageo says it's cooperating with SEC's requests for information

(Newser) - British booze giant Diageo is feeling the burn in the US: The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating claims that company sent American distributors more inventory than they requested, which would have allowed it to record a false spike in sales, the Guardian reports. Diageo tells the Wall Street Journal... More »

Idaho Bans 'Offensive' 5 Wives Vodka

Name could offend Mormons, state liquor board decides

(Newser) - There are four too many wives in the name of Five Wives vodka, according to the board that controls liquor sales in Idaho. State regulators say the vodka—which has a label featuring five women from an 1890s vaudeville act hiking up their skirts—is offensive both to women and... More »

New Music Trend: Rap About Your Own Vodka

Increasingly, rappers sing about brands they sell

(Newser) - Rappers have always name-checked alcohol in their music, but nowadays many artists are going beyond references to actually selling their own brands. From the way the Los Angeles Times describes it, Pitbull’s latest hits sound more like advertisements for Voli vodka. He’s part owner of the liquor brand,... More »

Utah's Odd Liquor Laws Kill Some of the Buzz

The state's liquor laws are ... unusual

(Newser) - Happy hour never comes, you'll never see a restaurant bartender mix your drink, stiff drinks are a no-no, and don't even bother asking about a drink special … welcome to Utah! Though the state's infamously strict liquor laws lightened up considerably in 2009, the system remains rife... More »

Officials in Lather Over Alcoholic Whipped Cream

'Whipahol' trend worries regulators

(Newser) - With Four Loko and other alcoholic energy drinks vanquished, regulators are now casting a wary eye on another hot booze trend: alcoholic whipped cream. Boston-area retailers say the 30-proof "whipahol" creams, which come in flavors like chocolate, cherry, vanilla, and caramel, have been flying off the shelves, NECN reports.... More »

Hipster Beer PBR Cruises in Recession

Downmarket brew's sales skyrocket as usual suspects flounder

(Newser) - Pabst Blue Ribbon has profited from a hipster following for years because of its unpretentious image and low-profile marketing, so it makes sense that even a recession hasn’t dimmed the brand’s power. Sales are up 30% for the year ending in October, trouncing beer’s overall 1.1%... More »

Small Plates, Big Bars Are the Future of Dining

Jose Andres' Bazaar in LA rakes it in while others falter

(Newser) - Chef José Andrés’ newish Los Angeles restaurant, Bazaar, is all the things fine dining didn’t used to be—in a hotel, bar-centric, and focused entirely on small plates. It's also one thing few and fewer restaurants are now: profitable. It's the future, Katy McLaughlin predicts, for several reasons.... More »

8 Stories