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Duggars Show Photos of Dead Fetus

Chilling picture of tiny feet, hand passed out at memorial service

(Newser) - An odd twist to a sad story: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have now distributed photos of their dead fetus, the newly named Jubilee Shalom , at an Arkansas memorial service, reports TMZ . "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world," said... More »

Duggar Mom Miscarries

Michelle, 45, loses hoped-for 20th in second trimester

(Newser) - There won't be a 20th Duggar baby, after all—at least not next year. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar got the sad news that Michelle had miscarried in her second trimester when they went in to their doctor's office for a routine check-up yesterday. They had hoped to... More »

20th Baby a Ridiculously Foolish Choice for Duggar

...medically speaking. OB/GYNs cite risks of preeclampsia, yet another cesarean

(Newser) - Michelle Duggar's joy is an OB/GYN's "worst nightmare"—at least, according to three OB/GYNs. Writing for the Daily Beast , Yvonne Bohn, Allison Hill, and Alane Park react to the news that the reality TV star is expecting her 20th child with a mixture of trepidation and... More »

Duggars Expecting Baby No. 20

Come on, you knew they wouldn't stop at 19

(Newser) - Why stop at 19 kids when you’re biologically capable of going for 20? Yep, it’s time once again to offer up a Mazel tov! to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The 19 Kids and Counting stars will welcome their 20th child in April, People reports, despite the fact... More »

Duggars: Yep, We Want No. 20

Premature Josie wasn't necessarily the last

(Newser) - Despite the fact that they almost lost baby No. 19 after she was born four months early , the Duggars see no rest for the weary womb. “That would be wonderful!” Michelle Duggar tells Radar , but “we will wait and see and take it one at a time.... More »

Duggar Critics See Fringe Cult

Enquirer notes link with group that wants to overthrow government

(Newser) - If the National Enquirer is to be believed, the Duggars don’t have 19 children simply because they love kids: No, it’s because they belong to a cult that plans to take over the US government. Jim Bob and Michelle, stars of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting, are... More »

Duggar No. 19 Born in Emergency C-Section

Michelle, daughter Josie Brooklyn stable

(Newser) - Reality show star Michelle Duggar gave birth to her 19th baby last night in an emergency c-section. Duggar, who stars with husband Jim Bob in TLC’s 18 Kids and Counting, had been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone when she was taken to the OR, a rep tells... More »

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