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The Rise of the Plus-Size Model

Crystal Renn is the most successful, but others hope for more work

(Newser) - At 5 feet 9 and about 165 pounds, Crystal Renn doesn’t look plus-size in person—but she is the industry’s most successful plus-size model, and potentially the face of a new movement in fashion. “You’re not big,” said a surprised creative director when he met... More »

V Mag's Plus-Size Models: Bold or Too Much?

Critics split on V magazine preview

(Newser) - Images from V’s upcoming plus-size-only issue are rolling in, and responses are varied. The most recent Models.com preview showcases a spread of plus-size models ranging from practically-naked to naked-naked, and Amy Odell finds the message confusing. “Is it really that women of average-to-larger sizes are beautiful?” she... More »

V Mag's Plus-Size Issue Just a Stunt

The better idea would be to incorporate the models into every issue

(Newser) - V magazine is the latest to jump on the plus-size models bandwagon, and it’s making news—but should it be? The New York Post —in the delicately-titled article “Heavy Changes”—broke news of the January issue, featuring models like Crystal Renn. But Amy Odell think this... More »

3 Stories