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ISIS' New Recruiting Targets: American Women?

Meanwhile, Arab countries agree to help with US airstrikes

(Newser) - America may now be at war with ISIS, but a handful of Americans are joining up with the Islamic extremist group—and not all of them are men. US law enforcement is looking into a recent spate of women allegedly seeking to join the jihad, Reuters reports. In the past... More »

FBI Thinks Americans Are Training for Terror in Syria

And it's watching them like a hawk

(Newser) - The FBI is keeping a close watch on Americans who have traveled to and returned from the war in Syria. The US believes that al-Qaeda affiliates in the war-torn country are actively attempting to recruit Americans there and train them to carry out attacks back home, senior intelligence and counterterror... More »

New Worry: More Militants Speaking English

Officials fear Western militants could bring extremism back with them

(Newser) - The new terrorism worry: English-speaking militants. Reuters takes a look at the reported rise of just such extremists, pointing to European intelligence sources who say dozens of British men are believed to be in Syria, many possibly fighting with a rebel group with ties to al-Qaeda in Iraq. Reuters also... More »

FBI: Anarchists Tried to Trigger Fake Bombs

Five men arrested for bridge plot were once associated with Occupy Cleveland

(Newser) - The five men charged with plotting to blow up an Ohio bridge actually did attempt to detonate what they believed were real explosives, the FBI alleges. The men, unknowingly working with an FBI informant, repeatedly tried to use a text-message detonation code to blow up the fake bombs, which they... More »

Feds: 5 Anarchists Plotted to Bomb Ohio Bridge

FBI had an undercover agent watching them

(Newser) - The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested five men yesterday for their role in an alleged plot to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, officials revealed today. This isn't a case of international terrorism; at least three of the men are home-grown, self-proclaimed "anarchists," officials said,... More »

Midwest Militia Was Poised to Launch War on US: Feds

Detroit trial begins against members of Hutaree

(Newser) - Michigan militants armed to the teeth were poised to launch a "war" on the government, a federal prosecutor argued yesterday in the start of a criminal case in Detroit against seven members of the Hutaree group. All are charged with plotting to kill a police officer in order to... More »

NYC Terror Suspect's Mom Apologizes

Son Jose Pimentel changed after conversion to Islam, she says

(Newser) - The mother of a Manhattan suspect accused of plotting a bombing campaign wants the city to know that she's sorry. “I want to apologize to the city of New York," Carmen Sosa told reporters. “I love the city. I’ve been here since 1987 and I’... More »

Jihadi Site Issues 40-Name, American-Heavy Hit List

Prominent US targets in industry, military, media named

(Newser) - A jihadi website closely linked to al-Qaeda has posted a hit list of 40 prominent people, mostly Americans. Those named include a congressman, a conservative pundit, Pentagon officials, and American businessmen whose company helps produce drones, reports ABC News . The site includes photographs and biographical information, and suggests followers send... More »

2 Arrested for NYC Terror Plot

'Homegrown radicals' accused of planning attack

(Newser) - Two men believed to have been planning a terrorist attack on New York City were arrested last night. Law enforcement sources describe the men as homegrown radicals of North African descent, the New York Times reports. The arrests were made by the NYPD's Intelligence Division after the FBI-NYPD Joint... More »

US Having Tough Time Detecting Terror Threats

Thanks to the rise of homegrown terrorists, says report

(Newser) - It has become far harder for the US government to detect upcoming terrorist threats in the years since 9/11, as terrorist networks spread and attract more Americans to their ranks, according to a new report from the former leaders of the 9/11 Commission. “It’s a much more complex... More »

Feds Bust Chicago Man Seeking to Kill 'Infidels'

Masri nabbed as he prepared to head to Somalia

(Newser) - Chicago resident Shaker Masri was planning to fly to Somalia yesterday to join a militant group and train as a suicide bomber but the FBI got to him first, authorities say. Masri—a US citizen born in Alabama—discussed his travel plans and his desire to blow up "infidels"... More »

US Citizen May Be Behind Al-Qaeda Magazine

Samir Khan of North Carolina suspected, source says

(Newser) - The man behind al-Qaeda’s new online magazine, Inspire , is likely a US citizen. Authorities suspect 23-year-old North Carolina resident Samir Khan of being the magazine’s “driving force,” a senior law enforcement official tells CNN . Khan, who has long distributed translations of al-Qaeda propaganda on his “... More »

Al-Qaeda Launches English Magazine

Inspire aimed at extremists wannabes in West

(Newser) - Anwar al-Awlaki, the al-Qaeda propagandist who inspired several of the 9/11 hijackers and the Fort Hood shooter, has launched an English-language online magazine aimed at aspiring Muslim extremists who aren't so hot at Arabic. Inspire features articles like "How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.... More »

Terror Recruits Seduced by 'Jihadi Cool'

Al-Qaeda lures them with rap videos, promises of adventure

(Newser) - The strange case of “Jihad Jane” might just be the latest example of a new wave of terrorists attracted less by religious fanaticism than by a sense of “jihadi cool,” say counterterrorism experts. FBI officials tell NPR that the promise of travel and adventure is now a... More »

2nd American Woman Among Terror Arrests

Colorado mom Jamie Paulin-Ramirez was recent convert to Islam

(Newser) - A 31-year-old mother who last year converted to Islam and left Colorado for New York to marry a Muslim man is among those in custody in Ireland over an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist—the second blond, American woman involved in the effort, after Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad... More »

Most Knew Jihad Jane as Just Colleen

Suburban online jihadist "wasn't nothing to remember"

(Newser) - Nobody who knows terrorist suspect Colleen LaRose had any inkling of her online JihadJane identity, and many of those who talk about her sound like she didn't leave much of an impression at all. The boyfriend LaRose lived with for years in suburban Pennsylvania while she took care of his... More »

American 'Jihad Jane' Charged in Terror Plot

'Bored' Colleen LaRose indicted in Philadelphia

(Newser) - A suburban Philadelphia woman who referred to herself as a bored "Jihad Jane" on her MySpace page and YouTube video has been charged with recruiting terrorists and plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist. Petite blond Colleen LaRose wrote in an email to a co-conspirator that her appearance would allow... More »

Aussies Under Permanent Terror Alert

Major threat comes from homegrown jihadists, warns Rudd

(Newser) - Australia is now under a permanently high threat of terrorist attack, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced yesterday. Rudd announced new counter terrorism measures including tougher visa checks and airport face scans on people from 10 countries considered to be high-risk, the BBC reports. The biggest danger, he warned, is from... More »

The New Terrorist: Homegrown in the USA

Pakistan arrests underscore growing threat from domestic extremists

(Newser) - The five Virginians busted on terror charges in Pakistan this week are only the latest example of the growing threat of homegrown terrorism. American Muslims, long thought to be less a threat because they tend to be better assimilated than European Muslims, have been implicated in three other investigations this... More »

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