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Chris Brown: I'm Quitting Music, Maybe

Says he's tired of being vilified for 'mistake' he made in Rihanna assault

(Newser) - Chris Brown has a new album coming out later this month, and he says that might be it for him in the music biz, reports the Huffington Post . "Don't worry mainstream America," he tweeted . "After this X album, it'll probably my last album." (Note... More »

Chris Brown Makes (Brief) Return to Twitter

Jenny Johnson says death threats being investigated after feud

(Newser) - Way to make a point, Chris Brown: After the rapper took his toys and went home , deactivating his Twitter account Sunday night after a fight with comedian Jenny Johnson, he returned to the site the very next day, the Los Angeles Times reports. (But he tragically appears to be MIA... More »

Chris Brown, Drake in Bar Brawl Over Rihanna

Brown tweets, then removes, photo of injury

(Newser) - Chris Brown and Drake reportedly started fighting over Rihanna last night, and it ended up with their respective entourages in a nightclub brawl. Five people were injured in the New York City fight, TMZ reports. Brown tweeted a picture of his chin—apparently slashed after someone threw a bottle at... More »

Rihanna, Chris Brown on the Outs

She unfollows him on Twitter after he tweets line about 'my old bitch'

(Newser) - It's splitsville again for the hard-boozing Rihanna and Chris Brown—at least on Twitter. The pair have been exchanging flirty tweets , fueling reports that they were quietly back together. But that's all over now—and it's all because of a remix. Brown tweeted a line from Kanye... More »

Chris Brown: Suck it, Haters, I Got a Grammy

Singer tweets, then deletes, response to controversy

(Newser) - Chris Brown—who really needs to learn to step away from the Twitter—lashed out at his critics in a rant on the social networking site that was predictably and quickly deleted. Brown, apparently upset with all the controversy over his Grammys appearance , tweeted a series of messages yesterday that... More »

Did Rihanna, Chris Secretly Tweet Each Other?

Messages of love on Twitter can't be a coincidence: E!

(Newser) - Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to have sent each other "secret love tweets"—and by "secret," we mean completely public messages posted on a social networking site. The "secret" part? Neither Rihanna nor Brown mentioned the other by name. Brown tweeted yesterday, "Love U... More »

Rihanna Flips Out at Young Fan on Twitter

Singer defends 'following' Chris Brown, then apologizes

(Newser) - Drama alert: Chris Brown recently started following ex-girlfriend Rihanna on Twitter, and she followed him back. Would be typical behavior, were it not for the fact that Brown beat Rihanna in 2009. A fan recently called Rihanna on the development, noting that she "better not" reunite with Brown. Rihanna,... More »

Chris Brown Quits Twitter

After rant on stores not selling Graffiti, Brown takes toys, goes home

(Newser) - After a curse-filled tirade against the music industry and stores “blackballing” his latest album, Chris Brown apparently came to his senses and abruptly quit Twitter yesterday. “I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT,” read his final tweet. “I LOVE YALL. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!” The departure... More »

Chris Brown Rants at Stores 'Blackballing' CD

Singer makes trip to Wal-Mart, can't find Graffiti on shelves

(Newser) - Chris Brown has a message for the music industry: It “can kiss my ass,” he tweeted Friday. Brown, attempting a comeback after assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna, was upset after discovering some stores—including a New England Walmart he visited himself—weren’t stocking Graffiti, Popeater reports. “Im tired... More »

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