Theresa Rogers

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Porn Star: I Had Tiger's Son

Feel like we've heard this before? We have

(Newser) - Guess who’s back in the news: Everyone’s favorite golfer…and his love children. Yes, another mistress has come forward claiming to have given birth to Tiger's child in 2001. This time it’s porn star/escort Devon James—whose son, Radar notes, looks an awful lot like the golfer.... More »

Cougar Seeks $3M for Tiger 'Love Child'

Pricey new problems emerge for Woods

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' apparent former "cougar mistress" is now reportedly pressing him for $3 million for a love child she claims she had with him six years ago. Theresa Rogers, who was living with her fourth husband at the time, told friends she was actively trying to get pregnant during... More »

New Tiger Mistresses Emerge

Theresa Rogers, Julie Postle linked to Woods

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ 14th alleged mistress—or 16th, depending on who’s counting—has emerged: Theresa Rogers is both the oldest and the longest-lasting of the golfer’s galpals, and has already hired the same attorney as Rachel Uchitel, AKA mistress No. 1. Rogers, who is in her 40s, began her... More »

3 Stories