Iran missile launch

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Iran Flexes Muscle With Military Exercises

Ground, naval, missile testing in response to growing US presence

(Newser) - Iranian state television says Tehran will hold 10 days of ground, naval, and missile exercises starting today. "The Great Prophet Six" will include tests of long-range missiles such as the Sajjil, which boasts a rang of more than 1,240 miles, reports Iranian media. Medium- and short-range missiles, drone... More »

Iran Fires Upgraded Long-Range Missile

Improved Sajjil-2 test 'successful,' says state media

(Newser) - Iran has successfully tested a new and more accurate version of its long-range Sajjil-2 missile, state media reports today. No other details were provided. The high-speed missile has a range of around 1,200 miles, putting Israel and southeastern Europe well within its range, AP reports. Iran has intensified its... More »

2 Stories