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He Tried to Flee From Cops. He Forgot One Thing

Headshaking incident happened in Virginia

(Newser) - A northern Virginia man is facing charges including driving while intoxicated and possessing marijuana after a police pursuit in which he ended up running over himself, the AP reports. Fairfax County Police released dashboard video of Tuesday's incident in which 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu is seen getting out of his... More »

Cops: Missing Mom's Killer Strangled Her in a Rage

Virginia woman Terri Lynn St. John was apparently killed by acquaintance

(Newser) - A Virginia woman found dead last week was apparently murdered by an acquaintance during a vicious argument, the Washington Post reports. Middlesex County investigators say Terri Lynn St. John, 23, whose disappearance last week sparked an investigation , was killed by Alvin Keyser outside her home. "Keyser stated to detectives... More »

Body of Missing Woman Found Near Her Home

Acquaintance charged with murder of 23-year-old TerriLynn St. John

(Newser) - The body of a Virginia woman reported missing Tuesday after her young children were found home alone was discovered Thursday morning about a mile from her house, WTVR reports. According to WVEC , the 23-year-old acquaintance who led authorities to the leaf-covered body of 23-year-old TerriLynn St. John has been arrested... More »

Young Mom Vanishes From Yard, Kids Found in House

Virginia police are searching for 23-year-old TerriLynn St. John

(Newser) - A Virginia community is imploring anyone with information about the disappearance of a young mom to come forward after she vanished while getting ready to go to work Tuesday. ABC7 reports that 23-year-old TerriLynn St. John never showed up to her job that day, and when her father was notified,... More »

Autopsy Confirms Mauling Some Still Can't Believe

Sheriff says Bethany Stephens' own dogs killed her

(Newser) - The revelation that two pit bulls were spotted eating the rib cage of a 22-year-old woman found dead in Virginia late last year wasn't enough to convince some that the victim's own dogs had killed her. But Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew hopes an autopsy will. The report... More »

Lawmakers Sprang Into Action After Train Crash

At least 7 GOP doctors provided assistance

(Newser) - Republican members of Congress with medical experience put their skills to work after a train carrying dozens of them crashed into a garbage truck in rural Virginia , killing one person in the truck and injuring others. The congressmen, family members, and staff were on their way to a strategy retreat... More »

Lawmakers OK After Train's Fatal Collision With Truck

Republican members of Congress were on their way to West Virginia; person in truck is dead

(Newser) - A train carrying Republican members of Congress to a retreat in West Virginia struck a garbage truck on Wednesday. One person aboard the truck is dead and another seriously injured, reports NBC Washington . No lawmakers were believed to be seriously hurt, though one was taken to the hospital, according to... More »

These States Will Feel the Pinch of the Shutdown Most

DC tops the list, followed by Maryland and Virginia

(Newser) - The government shutdown that went into effect at midnight on Friday is stretching into its third day , and a resolution still looks tenuous. WalletHub looks at the consequences of a longer-term shutdown through the lens of six key metrics—including share of federal jobs, percentage of kids using the Child'... More »

Virginia's Contested Election Is Decided by Lot

Incumbent David Yancey's name is pulled from bowl

(Newser) - Shelly Simonds and David Yancey's names were written on slips of paper and put inside old film canisters Thursday morning, and one was fished from a bowl on loan from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, reports the Washington Post . It was Yancey's, and the draw decided a... More »

Va. Democrat Says There's Big Problem With Vote No. 11,608

Shelly Simonds asking court to declare her the winner of Virginia's 94th District Race

(Newser) - Shelly Simonds wants to stop her name from being written on a slip of paper and put inside an old film canister on Wednesday morning, and she's partially succeeded. The Democrat plans to ask a Virginia court to name her the winner of the 94th District Race on Wednesday;... More »

Forget the Recount: VA Race to Be Decided by Drawing Name

Judges uphold tossed ballot, tying race for Virginia House

(Newser) - Well, that didn't last long. Three judges and a sloppily filled-in ballot have erased Shelly Simonds' dramatic one-vote Virginia House win that made headlines Tuesday, the New York Times reports. Republican incumbent David Yancey held a 10-vote lead after Election Day for Virginia's 94th House District. But a... More »

Finally Tally in Pivotal Race in Virginia: 11,608 to 11,607

Lawmaker wins recount by one vote, ending GOP control of House of Delegates

(Newser) - Cue up the old standard about "every vote counts." In Virginia, a recount has just flipped a seat in the House of Delegates to the Democrats, bringing to an end GOP control of that chamber after 17 years. But incredibly, the margin of victory for Shelly Simonds was... More »

Sheriff Shares 'Most Important Detail' in Woman's Dog Mauling

Trying to put to rest speculation that the dogs didn't kill Bethany Lynn Stephens

(Newser) - News that a 22-year-old woman was mauled to death by her two pit bulls in Virginia Thursday night was met with sadness—and plenty of doubt . Amid a sea of cries that the dogs would not have harmed Bethany Lynn Stephens, and perhaps were indeed trying to protect her from... More »

Dogs Maul Their Owner to Death

Bethany Lynn Stephens was killed by two pitbulls she'd raised from puppies

(Newser) - Two pit bulls turned on their owner in Virginia last week in what the local sheriff has called "an absolutely grisly mauling." Authorities says 22-year-old Bethany Lynn Stephens had been missing for a day when her father found her body in a wooded area where she often walked... More »

'Dynamic' Toll for 10-Mile Stretch of Highway Hits $40

I-66 drivers call it 'highway robbery'

(Newser) - Take the "dynamic pricing" model of shifting prices in response to demand (think Uber's surge pricing), add it to the new express lanes on Interstate 66, and the result earlier this week was a $40 toll to travel a 10-mile stretch into downtown Washington, DC. The price changes... More »

Mom Sent Child to School With Recorder, Now Faces Felony

Sarah Sims says Virginia school hadn't addressed bullying concerns around her 9-year-old daughter

(Newser) - She says she only wanted to protect her daughter. Sarah Sims now faces the prospect of years behind bars after she sent her daughter to school with a digital audio recorder. Sims tells WAVY she first called and emailed administrators at Ocean View Elementary School in Norfolk, Va., to discuss... More »

3 People Fatally Shot on Thanksgiving; Youth Pastor Arrested

Victims are suspect's wife, her daughter, her daughter's boyfriend

(Newser) - A Virginia youth pastor has been charged in a triple murder after his wife, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend were found dead at a home in a Richmond suburb on Thanksgiving, the Washington Post reports. According to WWBT , the bodies of 58-year-old Jeanett Gattis and her 30-year-old daughter,... More »

Murder-Suicide Might Actually Be Double-Murder

Cops now suspect Virginia mother and daughter were both murdered in July

(Newser) - For months, residents of McLean, Virginia, believed that the shooting deaths of a mother and daughter were the result of a murder-suicide. That impression has now been replaced by fears of a murderer on the loose. Though authorities initially thought 23-year-old Helen Hargan killed her mother, 63-year-old Pamela Hargan, in... More »

McGowan Suggests Cocaine in Wallet Was Planted

Actress will plead not guilty to felony charge

(Newser) - Rose McGowan says she'll plead not guilty to felony drug possession in Virginia on the basis that cocaine found in her wallet might have been planted. McGowan tells the New Yorker the wallet was inside a backpack she left unattended while using the restroom on a Jan. 20 United... More »

In US Army Vault, 'Heinous' Art Includes a Hitler Bust

Andrew Beaujon explores Nazi art collection at Fort Belvoir

(Newser) - Getting to the 3-foot bust of Adolf Hitler, taken from his mountaintop retreat known as the Eagle's Nest, was a monthslong effort. Even on the day that Andrew Beaujon would set his eyes upon it, he had to pass through a security gate, drive a mile to its host... More »

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