Ahmed Chalabi

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Iraqi Who Pushed Bogus WMD Intel Is Dead

Ahmad Chalabi helped persuade US to topple Saddam

(Newser) - Ahmad Chalabi was once a US darling who was supposed to lead Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But with his death of a heart attack Tuesday at the age of 71, Chalabi's legacy is a much different one: He's now known mostly as the Iraqi figure... More »

Chalabi Rides Surge Back Into Office

The divisive Iraqi politician will build public backing for security push

(Newser) - Ahmed Chalabi, the former U.S. darling and deputy prime minister spurned by Iraqi voters in the 2005 elections, is back in office. He won a post created as a buffer between residents and the troops pouring into Baghdad for the new security push. Chalabi's new role involves organizing reimbursement... More »

2 Stories