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NY Archdiocese Needs $100M to Pay Abuse Victims—at Least

64 settlement offers have been made so far

(Newser) - The Archdiocese of New York plans to get a $100 million loan to pay victims of sexual abuse within the church—though it may not be enough. The archdiocese is seeking a one-year mortgage from JPMorgan Chase on land across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral, where the Lotte... More »

'Trapped' Teen Groped by Man on Flight: Complaint

Victim's attorney says unaccompanied minor went through '30 minutes of hell' on American flight

(Newser) - A 13-year-old girl traveling Wednesday as an unaccompanied minor from Dallas to Portland says she spent the first part of her flight "frightened and trapped" and the remainder of it too scared to even use the bathroom after a 26-year-old Oregon man seated next to her allegedly groped her,... More »

Woman Alleges Hastert Abused Her Brother

'Mr. Hastert can't pull this wool over everybody's eyes,' she tells ABC News

(Newser) - In a bombshell interview with ABC News , a woman alleges Dennis Hastert sexually abused her brother. Jolene Reinboldt Burdge reveals details of what reportedly happened so many years ago, as well as her brother's name—and says that she's not the "Individual A" named in Hastert's... More »

Law & Order Spurs Girl to Report Abuse; Man Arrested

12-year-old told her mom she'd been touched inappropriately

(Newser) - The case is a little murky, but a prominent Maryland businessman is under arrest almost a year after he emailed his nanny/housekeeper a photo of her 11-year-old daughter in underwear changing into a shirt. The mom reported the photo to Robert Shapiro's wife, reports WJLA , and the couple began... More »

Cops: Mom Sold Daughter's Virginity for Rent Money

Detectives say Washington woman needed $400

(Newser) - She wanted rent money. He wanted sex. The deal: He could sleep with her 14-year-old daughter for $400, according to law enforcement officials. The Washington State Patrol says it arrested 38-year-old Bryan Murphy on Friday in Oklahoma for allegedly working out such a deal with his girlfriend, Raw Story reports.... More »

Gary Glitter Guilty of Historical Sex Offenses

Former glam-rock singer faces life in prison

(Newser) - Former glam rocker Gary Glitter was today found guilty of historical sex abuse involving three children. He was convicted of six counts related to the 1975 attempted rape of an 8-year-old girl, sex with a 12-year-old girl two years later, and an encounter with another victim who was under age... More »

Rampant Sex Abuse Dogs USA Swimming

Coaches have attacked young athletes amid years of limited oversight

(Newser) - In an environment of little oversight, leading swim coaches across the US have taken advantage of a power dynamic to abuse their athletes for decades. In an in-depth piece at Outside , Rachel Sturtz recounts the story of Anna Strzempko, a former top swimmer who has reported repeated rapes by her... More »

Police Probe Radio Host in Sex Crime Case

Jian Ghomeshi claims he only engaged in 'consensual' BDSM

(Newser) - Former celebrity radio host Jian Ghomeshi is under investigation after three women told police that he had attacked and abused them sexually, the Toronto Star reports. Investigators are also looking into videos that Ghomeshi showed his employers at the CBC that apparently reveal his BDSM behavior in the bedroom. Sources... More »

Pope to Abuse Victims: I Beg Your Forgiveness

Francis meets with 6 abuse survivors, apologizes for 'sins of omission'

(Newser) - In a gesture that's grabbing some attention, Pope Francis today met with victims of clergy sexual abuse—six of them, two each from Britain, Germany, and Ireland—and apologized for the "sins of omission on the part of Church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of... More »

Female Guards at Juvenile Jails Sexually Abuse Boys

Federal report estimates 8 to 10% of young prisoners report rape

(Newser) - A new federal study spotted by Pro Publica flips the usual expectations in regard to the sexual abuse of vulnerable youth by authority figures. In this case, it's female guards at juvenile detention facilities preying on young males who have been locked up. The new study by the Justice... More »

85K Vets Treated for Sex Abuse in 2012

PTSD, depression among common long-term effects

(Newser) - An AP report reveals the stunning scope of the sexual assault crisis rocking the military: Last year, more than 85,000 veterans received treatment for sex abuse, while 4,000 applied for disability benefits; 40% of those treated were men. The cases run as far back as the Vietnam War,... More »

Yet Another BBC Host Cops to Sex Abuse

Stuart Hall, 83, admits to assaulting 13 victims

(Newser) - BBC idols continue to tumble in a continuing sex abuse investigation that's forcing the broadcaster to report on itself . The latest disgraced icon: Radio personality Stuart Hall, 83, who has admitted to 14 charges of indecent assault against girls. The youngest of his 13 victims was just nine years... More »

Woman Kills Herself After Testifying Against Sex Abuser

Frances Andrade's body discovered during the trial

(Newser) - A mother of four has killed herself in Britain after testifying that her former music teacher had sexually abused her years ago, the Telegraph reports. The body of Frances Andrade, 48, was discovered just days after she testified that Michael Brewer, 68, had regularly fondled her in the 1970s. The... More »

New Head of BBC: Opera Boss

Former BBC exec Tony Hall to take over amid abuse scandal

(Newser) - The disgraced BBC has appointed a new director-general: Tony Hall, a former news executive at the network who went on to lead London's Royal Opera House, the New York Times reports. It will be up to Lord Hall to bolster the BBC's reputation after multiple scandals, one involving... More »

Gary Glitter Arrested in BBC Sex Abuse Scandal

Sex offender reportedly in custody as scandal spreads

(Newser) - The sex abuse scandal that has been roiling the BBC, involving longtime children's host Jimmy Savile, has spilled over to a more notorious sex offender: Rocker Gary Glitter has been arrested this morning by London police, reports the AP , citing British media. He reportedly remains in custody. Police have... More »

Recruiters Hunted Homeless With Paintball Guns: Probe

Arizona National Guard faces wide-ranging investigation

(Newser) - Members of Arizona's National Guard hunted the homeless with paintball guns, forged documents, sexually abused women, embezzled funds—and were allowed to go more or less scot-free due to a lax and corrupt climate, the Arizona Republic reports. The newspaper's investigation, based on interviews with Guard officers, found... More »

Jerry Sandusky Sentenced to 30 to 60 Years

Sentence 'will never make me whole,' Victim No. 5 tells court

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky remained defiant today, insisting that "I did not do these disgusting acts" as he was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in the child sex abuse scandal that rocked Penn State to its foundation, reports CNN . Sandusky, who apparently arrived in court this morning wearing a smile,... More »

Ariz. Judge to Victim: Expect Sex Abuse in a Bar

Now she's sorry for 'disrespectful' comments in sex abuse case

(Newser) - An Arizona judge appointed by controversial Governor Jan Brewer has triggered a stink after telling a groping victim that she should have expected sex abuse because she was in a bar. The comments caused such an uproar that the female judge has now apologized. When an off-duty highway patrol officer... More »

Witness: I Saw Sandusky, Booster Molesting Boys

Witness comes forward as part of child porn investigation

(Newser) - The horrifying allegations against Jerry Sandusky seem to have no end: Now a witness says he saw the former Penn State coach and a prominent booster from the school sexually abusing two boys on a private plane. The witness has spoken to the US Postal Inspectors and the FBI as... More »

'Perversion Files' Didn't Block Boy Scout Abusers

Child molesters re-entered organization more than 125 times

(Newser) - The Boy Scouts of America has long relied on a secret blacklist to keep perverts at bay, but that system hasn't worked too well, the LA Times reports. The paper's review of more than 1,200 files from the 1970s and '80s showed that men suspected of... More »

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