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Ann Coulter: Cain Is Being 'Lynched'

And Rush Limbaugh calls it a 'racist hit job'

(Newser) - Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter is calling revelations of sex harassment accusations against Herman Cain "another high-tech lynching"—echoing the wording used by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during the Anita Hill scandal. Coulter slammed the allegations as a plant from "terrified" liberals, calling Cain a "strong,... More »

Upheaval Looms as White Majorities Fade

Voting districts morph as minority power grows

(Newser) - A sea change in American politics looms as white majorities are fading in a burgeoning number of voting districts across America. Nearly half of House members represent districts with at least 30% minority populations, double the rate in the 90s, and a fraction of what's bound to occur in the... More »

2 Stories