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Vast Video Game Collection Sells for $1.2M

7K games includes complete sets for Sega, Nintendo

(Newser) - A 7,000-strong collection of video games—which includes every game ever made for the Sega, Nintendo, and NEC consoles, all factory sealed—sold on eBay for $1.2 million, reports the LA Times . "Andre," a 32-year-old based in Paris, has been selling video game collections online for... More »

Playboy's No. 1 Fan? This 44-Year-Old Chicago Woman

Peggy Wilkins moderates fan list, and even has Hef's ear

(Newser) - One might think Playboy’s biggest fan is a teen boy getting his first forbidden glimpse—but in reality, it’s a 44-year-old Chicago woman who’s bought every issue for the past 30 years, and keeps a spare apartment just to house the collection. And Peggy Wilkins is proud... More »

Auschwitz Sign Stolen for Nazi Collectors

Alleged culprits weren't Nazis, they were just 'ordinary thieves'

(Newser) - The five men arrested for stealing Auschwitz’s infamous sign aren’t neo-Nazis, they’re just "ordinary thieves" who were working for memorabilia collectors, police say. “There is a huge market on the internet for this kind of stuff,” said one expert in Holocaust studies. “Many... More »

Collectors Give 50 Artworks Each to 50 States

(Newser) - Herb and Dorothy Vogel had just modest incomes—he was a postal clerk, she a librarian—but over four decades they acquired more than 3,600 drawings, paintings, and collages from America's leading artists. They collected so much that they had to stuff works under their bed. But now the... More »

Collectors Hunt for Obamabilia Treasures

Experts struggle to pick future keepers from sea of merchandise

(Newser) - Collectors are sifting through a sea of Barack Obama memorabilia searching for items that will be the gems of the future instead of tomorrow's junk, the Washington Post reports. Vast quantities of knick-knacks, ranging from dancing presidential dolls to Obama mints, have left even experts stumped about what to buy.... More »

Olympic Collectors Go for Gold

Medals, torches, and sweaty uniforms fetch top dollar

(Newser) - The 2008 Olympics have barely begun and collectors are already jockeying for possession of Beijing memorabilia. But serious shoppers are bypassing the hundreds of official knickknacks, hoping instead to score big-ticket items such as medals and sweaty uniforms, Portfolio reports. It's serious business: A gold medal from the 1904 Games... More »

US Rations Silver Dollars as Investors Scoop Them Up

Soaring silver demand means mint can't make coins fast enough

(Newser) - Investors and coin collectors are hopping mad at the US Mint for placing quotas on purchasing silver dollars, the Wall Street Journal reports. The price of silver has more than doubled in the last three years, and investors looking to cash in on the boom—and avoid the stock and... More »

Cellphones Sound Last Call for British Icon

Famous red booths disappear from English streets

(Newser) - Britain’s iconic red phone booths are going extinct in a country where cellphones outnumber people, USA Today reports. British Telecom is shrinking the overall number of pay phones and replacing the red booths with modern ones that double as wireless hotspots. With just 12,700 of the originals left... More »

Prototype Coins Go for $30M

Anonymous buyer pays $30 million for rare coin collection

(Newser) - An anonymous buyer spent more than $30 million on a collection of about 1,000 coins that never made it to circulation, the AP reports. The rare “pattern coins,” dated from 1792 to 1942, are trial designs the US Mint rejected before producing them for circulation. Those coins... More »

Communist Art Is Capitalist Hit

Russian collectors get nostalgic for commie propaganda art, bucolic peasant scenes

(Newser) - Nostalgia for the good old days of the USSR is in—at least for Russian art collectors. These days, communist-inspired paintings of peasant scenes and heroic workers have acquired a uniquely capitalist hipness. "The art was propaganda of happiness," says Yuri Tyukhtin, a banker who runs an art... More »

Can Chinese Art Stay Hot?

It's all the rage in Europe, but will Chinese-themed art lose its market power?

(Newser) - After a year of high excitement and higher prices, Chinese artists are hot at influential European fairs. But the bubble may have grown too fast, and Portfolio's Alexandra Wolfe reports on speculation that it's about to burst. One curator says Chinese art is "a consumer category, not a collector... More »

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